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   “Water, water, everywhere,
   And all the boards did shrink;
   Water, water, everywhere,
   Nor any drop to drink.”
   ― Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 

Water is arguably the most important feature of the ATLAS world. Without water to cook, our meals consist only of berries and charred meat. Without water to make Dyes, our sails and clothing remain drab and dull. Without water, we cannot explore beyond our home islands.

Salt Water[edit | edit source]

Salt water is abundant but used solely for travel.

Fresh Water[edit | edit source]

Fresh water lakes and streams can be found on some islands, most notably in the Freeport regions, and falling from the skies during storms on the open ocean. Many islands have no sources of fresh water and many regions have no rainfall.

Waterskins hold 100 units of water but leak their contents over a few hours.

Water Jars hold 200 units of water and do not leak, but weigh 5.0 lb. each.

Water Barrels hold up to 6000 Units of water but weigh 75 to 195 wUnits when filled. Water Barrels used to pose a great hazard to a raft or other light sailing vessel as they are very heavy when full, changed with Patch 18.84. Placing too many on your vessel can overload the vessel and cause it to sink. Since 18.84, if they are empty they weigh 75 wUnits and gain 20 wUnits per 1000 water for a total of 195 wUnits when full.

To stay hydrated without a fresh water source, the player can dig for underground water. The player has to lay down on green ground (sand and rock does not work) and leftclick. After performing up to 3 rounds of the mini game a small stream of water will appear (20, 40 or 60 Units, depending on successful minigame rounds). To get more fresh water (up to 600) the player can use a shovel instead.

Usage[edit | edit source]

To fill a Waterskin or Water Jar, during a Storm (Rain) or while standing in a fresh water source, pess e on the container in inventory or activate the container in the Hotbar. Filled waterskins and jars may be kept in the player's inventory or placed in a Storage Box on the boat's deck. It is not necessary (and not recommended) to transfer the water to barrels when at sea.