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  • Survivalism
  • Construction & Mercantilism
  • Beastmastery
  • Archery
  • Firearms
  • Armory
  • Medicine
  • Artillery
  • Seamanship
  • Captineering
  • Cooking & Farming
  • Music and Dance
  • Piracy
Skill Advanced Tools.png

Advanced Tools

Skill Archery Unlock.png

Archery Unlock

Skill Beastmastery Unlock.png

Beastmastery Unlock

Skill Advanced Higher Hand-Harvesting Yield.png

Advanced Higher Hand-Harvesting Yield

Skill Improved Higher Hand-Harvesting Yield.png

Improved Higher Hand-Harvesting Yield

Skill Basic Higher Hand-Harvesting Yield.png

Basic Higher Hand-Harvesting Yield

Skill Hand-To-Hand Unlock.png

Hand-To-Hand Unlock

Skill Tools Of The Trade.png

Tools Of The Trade

Skill Advanced Water Temperature Fortitude.png

Advanced Water Temperature Fortitude

Skill Improved Water Temperature Fortitude.png

Improved Water Temperature Fortitude

Skill Water Temperature Fortitude.png

Water Temperature Fortitude

Skill Advanced Oxygen Reduction Rate.png

Advanced Oxygen Reduction Rate

Skill Improved Oxygen Reduction Rate.png

Improved Oxygen Reduction Rate

Skill Oxygen Reduction Rate.png

Oxygen Reduction Rate

Skill Advanced Water Swimming Speed.png

Advanced Water Swimming Speed

Skill Improved Water Swimming Speed.png

Improved Water Swimming Speed

Skill Water Swimming Speed.png

Water Swimming Speed

Skill Construction Unlock.png

Construction Unlock

Skill Medicine Unlock.png

Medicine Unlock

Skill Advanced Vitamin Depletion Rate.png

Advanced Vitamin Depletion Rate

Skill Improved Vitamin Depletion Rate.png

Improved Vitamin Depletion Rate

Skill Vitamin Depletion Rate.png

Vitamin Depletion Rate

Skill Cooking Unlock.png

Cooking Unlock

Skill Water Keeper.png

Water Keeper

Skill The Basics.png

The Basics

Survivalism[edit | edit source]

Survivalism Icon InGame Cost to unlock entire category: 80 points.

Skill Provides Items Unlocked Cost Precondition
The basic elements of survival. 1 -
Gives access to crafting basic throwing spear. 1 -
Give access to crafting the Waterskin. 1
Unlocks Construction & Mercantilism Construction & Mercantilism Discipline 2
Swimming Speed +15.0% 1
Unlocks Hand-to-Hand Combat Hand-to-Hand Combat Discipline 2
Unlocks the Archery & Throwing Weapons Archery & Throwing Weapons Discipline 3
Gives access to a wide variety of advanced tools for survival. 8
Swimming Speed +30.0% 2
Oxygen Consumption Rate -20.00% 1
Unlocks the Cooking & Farming Cooking & Farming Discipline. 2
Unlocks the Medicine Medicine Discipline 2
Harvest Yield +20.0% 1
Unlocks the Beastmastery Beastmastery Discipline. 2
Swimming Speed: +45.0% 8
Oxygen consumption Rate -20.0% 2
Water Temperature Fortitude: +15.0% 2
Vitamin Depletion Rate: -10.0% 1
Harvesting Yield: +40.0% 2
Oxygen Consumption Rate: -20.0% 8
Water Temperature Fortitude: +30.0% 2
Vitamin Depletion Rate: -20.0% 2
Harvesting Yield: +60.0% 8
Water Temperature Fortitude: +45.0% 8
Vitamin Depletion Rate: -30.0% 8