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Island names and grid locations[edit | edit source]

Island names and their corresponding official grid locations. Data pulled from the official ServerGrid.json Ashleyabrown (talk) 06:15, 5 January 2019 (UTC)

Linked to their respective wiki pages.

CAY_A_EE Cell_A8 Cell_G8
CAY_A_EE_B Cell_N8 Cell_I8
CAY_A_TR Cell_K10 Cell_N7 Cell_N9
CAY_A_WR Cell_A9 Cell_D9
CAY_E_CL Cell_H9 Cell_J7
CAY_E_EE Cell_M8 Cell_O8 Cell_I8
CAY_E_EE_B Cell_C8 Cell_G8
CAY_E_ET Cell_N12 Cell_O5
CAY_E_WR Cell_D7 Cell_D9
CAY_E_WR_B Cell_B6 Cell_B9
CAY_F_EE Cell_K8 Cell_C8
CAY_F_EE_B Cell_O8 Cell_I8
CAY_F_ET Cell_M5 Cell_N11
CAY_F_TR Cell_K10 Cell_L7 Cell_L9
CAY_F_WR Cell_B7 Cell_C10
CAY_G_CL Cell_F9 Cell_I7
CAY_G_CL_B Cell_F7 Cell_I9
CAY_G_CL_C Cell_I10 Cell_J5
CAY_G_EE Cell_M8 Cell_E8
CAY_G_TR Cell_L7 Cell_L9
CAY_G_WR Cell_D7 Cell_E9
CAY_GB_TR Cell_K6 Cell_K7 Cell_K10
CAY_H_CL Cell_F5 Cell_G11 Cell_J10
CAY_H_CL_B Cell_F10 Cell_H7
CAY_H_EE Cell_M8 Cell_E8
CAY_H_ET Cell_M5 Cell_O12
CAY_H_TR Cell_K7 Cell_M6 Cell_M10
CAY_H_WR Cell_D7 Cell_D9
CAY_H_WR_E Cell_A6 Cell_A10
CAY_I_CL Cell_G10 Cell_I7
CAY_I_CL_B Cell_I5 Cell_I9
CAY_I_CL_C Cell_F6 Cell_G9
CAY_I_EE Cell_M8 Cell_E8
CAY_I_EE_B Cell_B8 Cell_J8
CAY_I_TR Cell_K7
CAY_I_WR Cell_A7 Cell_A9
CAY_I_WR_B Cell_E6 Cell_E10
CAY_J_CL Cell_J11 Cell_J6
CAY_J_EE Cell_B8 Cell_J8
CAY_J_EE_E Cell_L8 Cell_D8
CAY_J_TR Cell_M6 Cell_N10
CAY_J_WR Cell_E6 Cell_E10
CAY_JB_TR Cell_L7 Cell_L9 Cell_N6
CAY_K_CL Cell_F11 Cell_G5
CAY_K_EE Cell_N8 Cell_G8
CAY_K_EE_B Cell_K8 Cell_B8
CAY_K_TR_E Cell_M7 Cell_M9
CAY_K_WR Cell_D6 Cell_D10
CAY_K_WR_B Cell_A7 Cell_A9
CAY_L_CL Cell_H5 Cell_J11
CAY_L_CL_B Cell_H11 Cell_J7
CAY_L_EE Cell_A8 Cell_K8
CAY_L_ER Cell_O9
CAY_L_WR Cell_A7 Cell_A9
CAY_L_WR_B Cell_D6 Cell_D10
CAY_M_CL Cell_G11 Cell_I6
CAY_M_CL_B Cell_F6 Cell_I11
CAY_M_WR Cell_C7 Cell_C9
CAY_N_CL Cell_F9 Cell_G6
CAY_N_EE Cell_K8 Cell_N8
CAY_N_ER Cell_N7 Cell_N9
CAY_N_ET Cell_L4 Cell_N11
CAY_N_WR Cell_C7 Cell_C9
CAY_O_CL Cell_G9 Cell_I6
CAY_O_EE Cell_O8 Cell_C8
CAY_O_ER Cell_N7 Cell_N9
CAY_O_WR Cell_B7 Cell_B9
ICE_A_PO Cell_A1 Cell_A15 Cell_K15 Cell_M1 Cell_M15 Cell_O1 Cell_C15 Cell_D1 Cell_D15 Cell_F1 Cell_F15 Cell_G15 Cell_H1 Cell_H15 Cell_I1 Cell_J1 Cell_J15
ICE_B_PO Cell_A15 Cell_B1 Cell_L1 Cell_B15 Cell_M1 Cell_O15 Cell_D1 Cell_F1 Cell_G1 Cell_I1 Cell_J15
ICE_C_PO Cell_A1 Cell_A15 Cell_K1 Cell_K15 Cell_L1 Cell_B15 Cell_M1 Cell_M15 Cell_N1 Cell_N15 Cell_O1 Cell_O15 Cell_C1 Cell_C15 Cell_D1 Cell_D15 Cell_E1 Cell_E15 Cell_F1 Cell_G1 Cell_G15 Cell_H1 Cell_I15 Cell_J1 Cell_J15
ICE_D_PO Cell_A1 Cell_K1 Cell_L15 Cell_L15 Cell_N1 Cell_N15 Cell_O1 Cell_O15 Cell_C1 Cell_D15 Cell_E1 Cell_E15 Cell_F1 Cell_F15 Cell_G1 Cell_H1 Cell_I1 Cell_I15 Cell_J15
ICE_E_PO Cell_A15 Cell_B1 Cell_K1 Cell_K15 Cell_L1 Cell_L15 Cell_B15 Cell_M15 Cell_N1 Cell_N15 Cell_O15 Cell_C1 Cell_C15 Cell_D15 Cell_E1 Cell_E15 Cell_E15 Cell_F1 Cell_F15 Cell_G15 Cell_H1 Cell_I1 Cell_I15 Cell_J1
ISLET_A_ER Cell_K7 Cell_K9 Cell_N9
ISLET_A_ER_B Cell_K9 Cell_N9 Cell_O10
ISLET_A_ER_C Cell_K9 Cell_N9
ISLET_A_WT Cell_C4 Cell_E5
ISLET_A_WT_B Cell_A4 Cell_C4
ISLET_A_WT_C Cell_A4 Cell_C4
MNT_A_CH Cell_F12 Cell_H3 Cell_J4
MNT_A_CH_B Cell_F4 Cell_G13 Cell_J12
MNT_A_CL Cell_H5 Cell_H9
MNT_A_ET Cell_O12 Cell_O5
MNT_A_TR Cell_L6 Cell_L10
MNT_A_WF Cell_A11 Cell_A5
MNT_A_WR Cell_D7 Cell_E9
MNT_A_WU Cell_L13 Cell_B13 Cell_L3 Cell_B3 Cell_F2 Cell_F14
MNT_A_WU_B Cell_A2 Cell_N2 Cell_D2 Cell_D14 Cell_H2 Cell_H14
MNT_A_WU_C Cell_O13 Cell_O3 Cell_E13 Cell_E3 Cell_J2 Cell_J14
MNT_A_WU_E Cell_M2 Cell_C14
MNT_B_CL Cell_G6 Cell_I9
MNT_B_ET Cell_K4 Cell_M5
MNT_B_WF Cell_A11 Cell_A5
MNT_B_WR Cell_B7 Cell_B9
MNT_C_CH Cell_F12 Cell_H3 Cell_J12
MNT_C_CH_B Cell_F12 Cell_G13 Cell_I13
MNT_C_CL Cell_F7 Cell_J11
MNT_C_CL_B Cell_G11 Cell_J5
MNT_C_EE Cell_A8 Cell_J8
MNT_C_ET Cell_K11 Cell_M4
MNT_C_ET_B Cell_K5 Cell_N4
MNT_C_ET_C Cell_O12 Cell_O5
MNT_C_ET_D Cell_O11 Cell_O4
MNT_C_TR Cell_K6 Cell_M10 Cell_N6
MNT_C_WF Cell_A4 Cell_B11 Cell_B5 Cell_C4
MNT_C_WR Cell_D6 Cell_D10
MNT_C_WR_B Cell_B6 Cell_B10
MNT_C_WR_C Cell_E7
MNT_C_WU Cell_L13 Cell_B13 Cell_L3 Cell_B3 Cell_F2 Cell_I14
MNT_D_CH Cell_G4 Cell_I13 Cell_J4
MNT_D_CL Cell_F10 Cell_I6
MNT_D_ER Cell_O6 Cell_O10
MNT_D_ET Cell_O11 Cell_O4
MNT_D_ET_B Cell_K12 Cell_O12
MNT_D_WF Cell_B11 Cell_B5
MNT_D_WR Cell_B6 Cell_B10
MNT_D_WR_B Cell_E7 Cell_E9
MNT_D_WU Cell_L3 Cell_M14 Cell_N2 Cell_O13 Cell_O3 Cell_C2 Cell_D14 Cell_E13 Cell_E3
MNT_E_CH Cell_G12 Cell_H3 Cell_I12
MNT_E_CL Cell_G10 Cell_H7
MNT_E_CP Cell_K1 Cell_O15 Cell_I15
MNT_E_CP_B Cell_N1 Cell_N15 Cell_F15
MNT_E_CP_C Cell_K15 Cell_C15 Cell_E1
MNT_E_CP_D Cell_M15 Cell_C1 Cell_E15
MNT_E_ER Cell_M10 Cell_N6
MNT_E_ET Cell_L11 Cell_L4
MNT_E_ET_B Cell_K12 Cell_K5
MNT_E_ET_C Cell_K4 Cell_N11
MNT_E_ET_D Cell_K11 Cell_M11
MNT_E_WF Cell_A12 Cell_B4 Cell_B5 Cell_D4
MNT_E_WR Cell_B10 Cell_E6
MNT_E_WU Cell_A14 Cell_K2 Cell_K14 Cell_L2 Cell_B14 Cell_M14 Cell_O3 Cell_C2 Cell_J2
MNT_F_CH Cell_F12 Cell_F4 Cell_H12 Cell_H3 Cell_J13
MNT_F_CL Cell_F11 Cell_F6
MNT_F_CL_B Cell_F5 Cell_I10 Cell_J7
MNT_F_ER Cell_O6 Cell_O10
MNT_F_ET Cell_K11 Cell_M11
MNT_F_ET_B Cell_K5 Cell_L11
MNT_F_ET_C Cell_K4 Cell_N5
MNT_F_ET_D Cell_M4 Cell_N12
MNT_F_ET_E Cell_L12 Cell_L5
MNT_F_WR Cell_C7 Cell_C9
MNT_F_WR_B Cell_E6 Cell_E10
MNT_F_WR_C Cell_E7 Cell_E9
MNT_F_WR_D Cell_C7 Cell_C10
MNT_F_WU Cell_A13 Cell_A3 Cell_K13 Cell_K3 Cell_E3 Cell_G2 Cell_G14
Mnt_G_CH Cell_G13 Cell_G4 Cell_I12 Cell_J3
Mnt_G_ET Cell_K12 Cell_K5 Cell_M11 Cell_M4
Mnt_G_ET_PVE Cell_M12
Mnt_G_WR Cell_E7
Mnt_G_WR_B Cell_B6 Cell_B10
Mnt_H_CL Cell_F11 Cell_H10 Cell_I7 Cell_J5
MNT_H_CP Cell_B15 Cell_M1 Cell_I15
MNT_H_CP_B Cell_A1 Cell_K1 Cell_L15 Cell_C15
MNT_H_CP_C Cell_A15 Cell_N15 Cell_D1
MNT_H_CP_D Cell_M15 Cell_O1 Cell_E15
MNT_H_ET Cell_L11 Cell_L4
MNT_H_TR Cell_L6 Cell_L10 Cell_O6 Cell_O10
MNT_H_WR Cell_D9
MNT_I_CH Cell_F13 Cell_F3 Cell_F4 Cell_I4 Cell_J13
MNT_I_CL Cell_F7 Cell_H5 Cell_J10
MNT_I_CP Cell_K1 Cell_K15 Cell_N1 Cell_C1
MNT_I_ER Cell_O9
MNT_I_WF Cell_B11 Cell_B5 Cell_C12 Cell_F12
MNT_J_CH Cell_F13 Cell_G4 Cell_I12 Cell_J3
MNT_J_CH_B Cell_F3 Cell_G12 Cell_J13
MNT_J_CL Cell_G5 Cell_H11 Cell_I5
MNT_J_CP Cell_L15 Cell_D1 Cell_J1 Cell_J15
MNT_J_CP_B Cell_O15 Cell_F1 Cell_F15 Cell_G1
MNT_J_CP_C Cell_A15 Cell_L1 Cell_D15
MNT_J_CP_D Cell_B1 Cell_B15 Cell_M15 Cell_E1 Cell_H1
MNT_J_ET Cell_K11
MNT_J_ET_B Cell_O11 Cell_O4
MNT_J_WF Cell_C11 Cell_C5
MNT_J_WR Cell_C9
MNT_J_WT_E Cell_E12 Cell_E4
MNT_J_WU Cell_A13 Cell_A3 Cell_K13 Cell_K3 Cell_G2 Cell_I2 Cell_I14
MNT_J_WU_B Cell_K2 Cell_B2 Cell_L2 Cell_L14 Cell_B14 Cell_H2
MNT_J_WU_C Cell_L13 Cell_N13 Cell_N3 Cell_D13 Cell_D3 Cell_G14
MNT_JB_WF Cell_B12 Cell_L6 Cell_L10 Cell_B4 Cell_D11 Cell_D5
MNT_K_CH Cell_H3 Cell_I13 Cell_I4
MNT_K_CL Cell_I11 Cell_J6
MNT_K_ER Cell_M6 Cell_M10
MNT_K_ET Cell_N4
MNT_K_ET_B Cell_N5
MNT_K_WF Cell_C11 Cell_C5 Cell_D4
MNT_K_WR Cell_D6
MNT_L_CH_B Cell_F3 Cell_G13 Cell_I4
MNT_L_CH_E Cell_H13 Cell_I3
MNT_L_CL Cell_F10 Cell_G5 Cell_H10 Cell_I5
MNT_L_TR Cell_L7 Cell_L9
MNT_L_WF Cell_E11 Cell_E5
MNT_L_WR Cell_D10
MNT_LB_WF Cell_A11 Cell_A5 Cell_B12 Cell_C4 Cell_D4
MNT_M_CH Cell_H12 Cell_H4 Cell_J3
MNT_M_CL Cell_F5 Cell_G10 Cell_H7 Cell_I10
MNT_M_ER Cell_O9
MNT_M_ET Cell_N4
MNT_M_WR Cell_A7
MNT_N_CH Cell_G12 Cell_H4
MNT_N_ER Cell_N10
MNT_N_ER_B Cell_N6 Cell_N10
MNT_N_ET Cell_N12 Cell_N5
MNT_N_WF Cell_C12 Cell_C4 Cell_E11 Cell_E5
MNT_N_WR Cell_C10
MNT_NB_WF Cell_A11 Cell_D11 Cell_D5
MNT_O_CH Cell_H12 Cell_H4 Cell_I13
MNT_O_CL Cell_G7 Cell_J9
MNT_O_ER Cell_N7
MNT_O_ER_B Cell_K9
MNT_O_ET Cell_K12
MNT_O_WF Cell_C11 Cell_C5 Cell_D11
MNT_O_WR Cell_C10
MNT_OB_WF Cell_B11 Cell_B12 Cell_B4 Cell_D5
MNT_P_WF Cell_A12 Cell_A4
MNT_Q_ER Cell_K9
MNT_R_WU Cell_B2 Cell_L2 Cell_L14 Cell_B14 Cell_F2 Cell_G14
MNT_R_WU_B Cell_A13 Cell_A3 Cell_K13 Cell_K14 Cell_K3 Cell_I2 Cell_J14
MNT_R_WU_C Cell_M13 Cell_M3 Cell_C13 Cell_C3 Cell_E13 Cell_H2 Cell_H14
MNT_R_WU_D Cell_B3 Cell_N14 Cell_O2 Cell_E2 Cell_E14 Cell_F14 Cell_G2
MNT_T_CP Cell_B1 Cell_G15 Cell_I1
MNT_T_CP_B Cell_N15 Cell_C1 Cell_F1 Cell_J15
MNT_T_CP_C Cell_A15 Cell_K15 Cell_M1 Cell_J1
MNT_T_CP_D Cell_O1 Cell_E15 Cell_H1 Cell_H15
MNT_T_WU Cell_K2 Cell_B13 Cell_O13 Cell_D2 Cell_H14
MNT_W_WR Cell_B10
MNT_W_WR_B Cell_E10
MNT_W_WU Cell_M14 Cell_N13 Cell_N14 Cell_N3 Cell_O2 Cell_D13 Cell_D3 Cell_E2 Cell_E14 Cell_F14
MNT_W_WU_B Cell_M13 Cell_M3 Cell_C2 Cell_C13 Cell_C3 Cell_I2 Cell_I14 Cell_J2 Cell_J14
MNT_X_WU Cell_A2 Cell_A14 Cell_K14 Cell_N2 Cell_D14
MNT_Y_CP Cell_L1 Cell_C15 Cell_G1 Cell_G15
MNT_Y_CP_B Cell_L15 Cell_O15 Cell_I1
MNT_Y_CP_C Cell_E1 Cell_F15 Cell_I15
MNT_Y_CP_D Cell_N1 Cell_D15 Cell_H15 Cell_A1
MNT_Z_CH Cell_J12 Cell_J4

Ashleyabrown (talk) 06:26, 5 January 2019 (UTC)