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This page is a placeholder for known info from the official announcements from the ATLAS Captains Logs and Public Test Realms

Info may be constantly changed in-game so this page will be updated as known, if you have additional information please add the details and a reference link or image.

PTR[edit | edit source]

May - Launched on 5/28/2019[edit | edit source]

Patch Notes[edit | edit source]

v203[edit | edit source]
  • New Cosmetics: Hydra Steering Wheel Skin, Bone Skin Steering Wheel Skin, Hydra Hide Armour Set, and Cyclops Heavy Armour Set
  • New Offensive Structure: Torpedo Launcher (and Torpedoes)
  • New Boat Attachment: Cargo Rack's
  • New Cart Attachment: Large Storage Box
  • New Tool: Fishing Net
  • New Ballista Ammo Type: Harpoon - Item change Ballista Spear Bolt will be changed to Ballista Bolt
  • New Weapon: Spear Gun Spear Bolt - currently spear bolt points to balista spear bolt
  • New Creature: Olfend
  • New Creature: Giant Tortugar
  • New Level: Ice Dungeon
  • New Weapon: Crossbow
  • New Crossbow Ammo Type: Crossbow Bolt
  • New Structure: 3x4 Medium Gates
  • New Structure: Ice Box - a high-insulation box for transporting ice. Has “active” mode that will drain ice but reduce surrounding temperature (reverse fire). Consumes less ice if “indoors”.
  • New Resource: Ice - Generates over time in cold zones inside of the Ice Box. Decays relatively quickly if not in “insulated” storage. Can be consumed to reduce temperature and the half negative effects of armour weight debuffs for a short duration (15s per ice cube, max of 5 mins). Ice can be placed inside preserving bags to extend spoil times, and also lasts much longer in preserving bags. Relatively heavy.
  • New Feature: Company-wide map markers
  • New Feature: Company-wide announcement
  • New Feature: Boats can now be unclaimed and claimed
  • New Feature: Full gamepad support
  • New Feat: Instant Hotbar Equip
  • New Feat: Double Harvesting
  • QOL: Structure Weights now displayed on items
  • QOL: Revamped Skill Tree UI
  • QOL: Players now have the option to turn dual wielding weapons off by holding the TAB key and the hotbar key to equip the *New pistol, rather than duel wield it.
  • QOL: The grill can now be attached to water pipes
  • QOL: You can now use the f key as an option to pick up all items from the floor within a certain radius
  • QOL: Gun hotbar equip time now scales (improves) with the various reloading skills
  • QOL: Pressing the f key whilst driving the ship, now allows you to access its inventory menu
  • QOL: Adjusted 3rd person aiming so there is less likelihood of foliage clipping
  • Fixed skills showing up in the wrong order on the skill tree
  • Fixed a bug which prevented ships from reversing when they bumped into shores
  • Fixed a bug where brain coral and fire coral were incorrectly labeled
  • Reduced sickle damage against creatures and players
v204[edit | edit source]

Fixed pressing right click to zoom in on the compass when sitting at a wheel of a ship

  • Fixed multiple cases where players shoulder disappears when harvesting with new animations
  • Sextant Buff Corner Mini Map is now hidden by default and can be revealed by pressing the H key
  • Sprint/Charge weapons have been disabled and will be re-added to the game as enhanced feats
  • You can now attack from the run-state (but not whilst running). Previously when attempting to attack whilst running, you would have had to pause, then attack. Now you can go straight from a run into an attack.
  • Can no longer place a Steering Wheel inside the sail mast
  • Increased Olfend Spawn count (3x as common)
  • Cargo Container rebalance: Weight Allowance increased by 300% (6,000). Item Weight Reduction has been reduced to 70% (was 90%). Max Weight for a single Cargo Carrier is now 1800 (was 200). Cargo Container Speed slowdown increased to be approximately 40% total reduction at max cargo capacity for each respective ship. Can no longer remove items from a floating cargo container, scoop only!
  • Fixed a bug which caused items dropped from a storage harness to be clipped inside the mesh
  • Fixed a bug where the storage harness would not leave a loot cache when the creature was killed
  • Fixed a client-side crash
  • Fixed icons for: Cooked Prime Fish Meat, Explosive Barrels, and Instant Equip
  • Improved Bone Wheel cosmetic paint regions
  • Olfend now has a colour set
  • Fixed a case where creatures would be stuck in the flee state whilst bola'd
  • Fixed a case where creatures would appear to stand up briefly just after being bola'd
  • Ballista can now be added to Station Groups
  • Ship Captain or Lt Podium cannot shoot Harpoons from the Ballista
  • Clarified quests for Torpedos and Into the Ice
  • Disabled male voice on female characters when using a repair hammer on damaged planks
  • Fixed a bug which prevented you from seeing the HUD of a dropped item
  • Fixed a bug where looking into a Cargo Container's inventory would destroy a ship attached to a shipyard
  • Fixed a bug where Yetis would get stuck behind terrain in the Abominable Snowman fight
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Water Reservoirs from irrigating grills if gathering water from a non-lake source
  • Can no longer carry people through the Ice Dungeon barrier
  • Can no longer place structures on cave islands anymore
  • Cargo Container rebalance: Weight Allowance increased by 300% (6,000). Item Weight Reduction has been reduced to 70% (was 90%). Max Weight for a single Cargo Carrier is now 1800 (was 200). Cargo Container Speed slowdown increased to be a linear 40% total reduction at max cargo container for each respective ship (Schooners: 2, Brigs: 4, and Galleons: 6). Can no longer remove items from a floating cargo container, scoop only!
v205[edit | edit source]
  • Added additional quest markers for Into the Ice
  • You can now view the contents of a cargo container flotsam
  • Fixed a visual issue with Front Gunports on the Galleon
  • Fixed the Sextant Mini Game from bugging out and not moving stars around
  • Ice Box no longer reduces temperature beneath 0c
  • Sextant Mini Map can now be permanently enabled by turning on the option in Advanced Settings
  • Fixed multiple holes/map issues on the new islands and Ice Dungeon
  • Ice Dungeon: Increased the damage of the Snowman's ice breath and snowball.
  • Ice Dungeon: Increased the movement speed of the Snowman and it's Yetis
  • Ice Dungeon: Increased aggro range of Yetis generally found within the dungeon