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Kummba12 (talk) 14:38, 29 April 2019 (UTC)

Getting ships speed.

  • use console ccc to get current position, save it
  • after some time do it again.
  • ccc is ... grid x y z
  • calc ((x2-x1)² +(y2-y1)²)^0,5/time

to get Top Speed:

  • div by weight slowdown (1- currentShipWeigth/maxShipCapacity)^0,5 to get the theoretical 0 weight speed.
  • Wind max strength, 0° angle between wind and sail

Kummba12 (talk) 14:38, 29 April 2019 (UTC) dont know where to put else, dont want to do it nicely

Controls[edit source]

The game as of this writing is fairly terrible about instructing the player about all the controls, and especially the limitations on controls for the ship. For instance, there are a number of symbols on the right of the screen... that mean what, exactly? Are used how, exactly? What conditions determine whether or not the anchor can be dropped? The game only ever mentions depth, but there must be more to it. I've dropped anchor at 12% depth, and unable at 9%, or sometimes the other way around. Am I seeing a bug, or a feature I don't understand? -- 07:33, 7 November 2019 (UTC)