Swivel Gun

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Swivel Gun
Swivel Gun.png
Type Weapon
Ammo used
Weight 40
Added in v1.0
Crafted in Smithy.png Smithy
Resources breakdown
14 × Alloy.png Alloy
120 × Cotton.png Fibers
20 × Skin.png Hide
18 × Wood.png Wood
100 × Stone.png Stone

Description[edit | edit source]

Swivel Gun is a craftable structure in ATLAS. Swivel Gun is available for players to unlock within the Artillery Artillery discipline skill tree an need the unlocked

Smaller than a cannon, the Swivel Gun can be mounted on the side railing of a ship where the height from the deck is not too tall. Swivels can be mounted and have a limited range of rotation.

Ammo Types[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Lists a Copper Ingot.png Copper Ingot to craft, but any type of Intermediate Ingot can be used.

  • blueprintpath = blueprintpath = Blueprint'/Game/cheat gfi swivel 1 0 0
  • gfi = cheat gfi swivel 1 0 0