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Sneaking Tier 2

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Sneaking Tier 2
Skill Sneaking Tier 2.png
Further decreases the range at which wild creatures will detect you. -20%
Precondition Sneaking Unlock
Cost 4 Skill Points

Description[edit | edit source]

Sneaking Tier 2 in ATLAS are Skills that allow the player for Taming Creatures and handle them. There are many many Creatures in ATLAS, and players who wish to "collect" them will work to level this Skill line. The Beastmastery Beastmastery Discipline.

A Sharp Eye and a keen sense of self-awareness are at the heart of moving unseen—fallen branches, errant grass, and other minor obstacles are evaded with ease, and you are much harder to hear.

Decreases the range at which wild creatures will detect you.

Skill Stat bonuses:

Wild Creature Visibility Range: -30.0%

The Skill Sneaking Tier 2 unlocks the following items:[edit | edit source]


Additionally, it unlocks the following skills:[edit | edit source]