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Button Seamanship Icon.png Ships are a core mechanic of Atlas. Ships are built in shipyards and used to travel the world and fight other ships.

Building a ship[edit | edit source]

  1. You will need to create a shipyard to build a ship, and you unlock the ability to do this via the Seamanship tree (Survivalism Tree > Construction & Mercantilism Tree > Seamanship Tree). It currently takes 11 skill points to get to (and unlock) the first shipbuilding node in the Seamanship tree (Basics of Sailing).
    • Look for a place with underwater shelf, and hang it off the shelf, it is possible to build a shipyard in a place that is too shallow for your boat to leave once finished, and this is a very sad discovery to make.
  2. Construct a skeleton from the shipyard, put resources in the shipyard itself and use the appropriate blueprint, don't worry the inventory of the shipyard is not publicly accessible.
  3. Build a smithy and a loom. It is advisable to be small structure near by to house these. The loom is a larger structure so plan your space.
  4. Construct the appropriate components from the table below. This is done at the Smithy.
  5. These are more like normal building components than resources as you don't need all of them at once to start building. They are all peaceable.
    • If you are missing a plank (side wall of ship), water will come in and it will sink.
      • Some planks can be replaced with Gunports.
        • This can be done after you are done, so if you don't plan have cannons at the start you can swap them out later.
    • Decks are like foundations to build on/off.
      • The bottom deck will be solid, the rest will be frames to be filled in.
  6. Build wooden construction components such as walls, ceilings, stairs, and roofs.
    • Everything weighs something on a ship. Look at the deck to see your current weight
    • You can place cannons on any deck, so you can build platforms at the front and rear to place cannons that face those directions.
    • You can also place things like a smithy and chests, but this should be done last to ensure you can place your sails and such first.
    • Be sure not block access to the outer hull planks from inside the ship, you want to be able to hit everything with a repair hammer.
  7. Choose and build your sails from the Loom. The sail includes it's mast and is worth a certain number of points.
    • It will force you to place your sails along the spine of the ship.
    • The mast extends through all decks, so plan accordingly.
    • The rigging (ropes on the side) do not seem to interfere with most placements(like ladders).
    • If you want to reach the crows nest, you will have to place your own ladders (rope or wood).
  8. Build and place the Ship Steering Wheel from the Smithy.
    • 1st person visibility is not important as long as the wheel is placed in the open, you will drive the boat from a far 3rd person perspective.
  9. It is advisable to place extra Rope Ladders to get on and off the ship. There is one automatic one hanging off the back that you can't see while buildingL.
    • Ladders can be stacked, these can make them easier to reach from the water.
    • You can use these to reach the crows nest
    • You can hang rope ladders off anything, that doesn't necessarily mean they will be climbable in the end.
  10. Build and place cannons (optional)
    • Cannons have a narrow firing arc, you might want to play with this before placing non gunport cannons.
    • Gunport cannons will snap in place
    • Gunport cannons weigh less than deck cannons
  11. Place and other structures you think you might need, but keep in mind weight. This includes the weight of the inventories once stocked. Remember not to block access to the planks (All Optional)
    • Simple Bed.png Simple Bed, If you die you want to be able get back your boat
    • Barrel.png Water Barrel, Sailing takes a long time, you don't want to die of thirst
    • Bookshelf.png Bookshelf, Convenient for doing a store all after looting crates at sea to filter you blueprints
    • Ship Resources Box.png Ship Resources Box, Stores resources for repairs bay hammer/crew. Stores payment for crew. Doesn't let you store anything else like armor or weapons.
    • Food Larder.png Food Larder, Stores food to feed a npc crew.
    • Wood Wall Hook.png Wood Wall Hook, Allows you to place lanterns, it's hard to read a map in the dark
    • Large Storage Box.png Large Storage Box, To store things.
    • Wooden Chair.png Wooden Chair, You can fish for food while sailing.
    • Dinghy Ship Hangar.png Dinghy Ship Hangar, Allows you to build and deploy dinghys/submarines
    • Ship Cargo Rack.png Ship Cargo Rack, Anything put in it has it's weight greatly reduced, but even having it empty slows down your ship.

Shipyard Structure Resources Required Ships Craftable Ship/Skeleton Resources Required Ship Attributes Required Components
Maximum Number of Masts Maximum Sail Units Starting Crew Capacity Starting Number of Beds Starting Weight Capacity Starting Ship/Spine Health Total Required Decks Total Required Planks Maximum Number of Gunports
NPC Human.png Shipyardsman Raft.png Raft

75 x Cotton.png Fibers
20 x Skin.png Hide
80 x Wood.png Wood

1 fixed None 3 (+0.2) 1 (+0.2) 900 (+30) 4000 None None None
Sloop.png Ramshackle Sloop 225 x Cotton.png Fibers

75 x Skin.png Hide
250 x Wood.png Wood

2 2.0 3 (+0.5) 1 (+0.5) 1200 (+100) None None None
Tiny Shipyard.png Tiny Shipyard

160 x Cotton.png Fibers
70 x Stone.png Stone
280 x Thatch.png Thatch
560 x Wood.png Wood

Dinghy.png Dinghy

240 x Cotton.png Fibers
220 x Thatch.png Thatch
180 x Wood.png Wood

None None 4 N/A None None None
Raft.png Raft

125 x Cotton.png Fibers
60 x Skin.png Hide
250 x Wood.png Wood

1 fixed None 3 (+0.2) 1 (+0.2) 900 (+30) 4000 None None None
Small Shipyard.png Small Shipyard

240 x Cotton.png Fibers
105 x Stone.png Stone
420 x Thatch.png Thatch
840 x Wood.png Wood

Sloop.png Sloop

110 x Cotton.png Fibers
8 x Tin.png Metal
180 x Thatch.png Thatch
120 x Wood.png Wood

2 2 3 (+1.0) 1 (+1.0) 3300 (+100) 1 Small Wood Ship Deck.png Small Wood Ship Deck 12 Small Wood Plank.png Small Wood Plank None
Schooner.png Schooner

332 x Cotton.png Fibers
42 x Tin.png Metal
540 x Thatch.png Thatch
390 x Wood.png Wood

3 4 14 (+1.0) 1 (+1.0) 9000 (+200) 152800 2 Medium Wood Ship Deck.png Medium Wood Ship Deck 28 Medium Wood Plank.png Medium Wood Plank 10 Medium Wood Gunport.png Medium Wood Gunport
Large Shipyard.png Large Shipyard

1000 x Cotton.png Fibers
500 x Stone.png Stone
2000 x Thatch.png Thatch
4000 x Wood.png Wood

Brigantine.png Brigantine

1512 x Cotton.png Fibers
224 x Tin.png Metal
3024 x Thatch.png Thatch
1960 x Wood.png Wood

5 8.6 16 (+1.0) 2 (+1.0) 15000 (+400) 360000 3 Medium Wood Ship Deck.png Medium Wood Ship Deck 40 Medium Wood Plank.png Medium Wood Plank 12 Medium Wood Gunport.png Medium Wood Gunport
Galleon.png Galleon

2560 x Cotton.png Fibers
680 x Tin.png Metal
5600 x Thatch.png Thatch
4200 x Wood.png Wood

6 16 59 (+2.0) 2 (+1.0) 30000 (+600) 6 Large Wood Ship Deck.png Large Wood Ship Deck 74 Large Wood Plank.png Large Wood Plank 52 Large Wood Gunport.png Large Wood Gunport

To start building a ship, you need to first build a shipyard (be sure to place the shipyard entirely in water even if the placement system allows you to place it half in), and then construct a ship frame from that shipyard (it works exactly like the other crafting stations, just deposit your resources and click on the frame you want to craft).

Note: For ships beyond the Raft and Dinghy, you will also need a Smithy and a Loom to craft the planks, decks, and sails, as well as some of the structures you may want to install on the ship.

Once you have a frame crafted, you'll need to craft a deck and some planks. When attempting to place them on the frame, you'll see the locations that the part can snap to.

When all of your decks and planks are placed, you can craft wooden walls, ceilings, doors, etc. to place on the ship to build your cabins and compartments. These will take on special ship-styled appearances once placed.

Types of ships[edit | edit source]

Tiny Ships[edit | edit source]

Small Ships[edit | edit source]

Medium Ships[edit | edit source]

Large Ships[edit | edit source]

NPC Ships[edit | edit source]

Controls[edit | edit source]

See Ship Controls.

Sails[edit | edit source]

Sail Types[edit | edit source]

  • Handling: Better catches the wind at more extreme angles, raises, lowers, and turns faster.
  • Speed: Provides a speed bonus. Approximately 60% faster than the other sails of the same type.
  • Weight: Increases the carrying capacity of the ship. (Small: 1000, Medium: 2500, Large: 4000)

Sail Unit Cost[edit | edit source]

Additional notes[edit | edit source]

Max level depending on shipyard quality level. Ship quality is about 10% less than shipyard quality (it seems) as of march 2019 patch. Ship quality increases maximum level.

Total number of visible characters on the Ship's Name Plate on the Stern of the ship is 18 max characters.

Stats notes[edit | edit source]

Weight - Adds more maximum weight capacity to ship, while reducing the weight affect on its speed.

Resistance - Increase the resistance of all the structures on the ship.

Sturdiness - Reduces sinking rates and reduces rate of offshore item spoiling and character vitals depletion.

Damage - Increases the damage of cannons and all other ship weapons.

Extra crew - Increases the total number of crew, players, tames, or other passengers allowed on the ship.

Extra beds - Adds more beds, improves crew anchored automatic hull repairing speed and reduces overall crew payment amount over time.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

im adding the spawn commands for the ships here as well as the commands for all the building mats. courtesy of Lexacerbate.


cheat ssf tank 1 0 0

cheat ssf zephyr 1 0 0

cheat ssf dinghy 1 0 0

cheat ssf raft 1 0 0

cheat ssf sloop 1 0 0

cheat ssf schooner 1 0 0

cheat ssf brigantine 1 0 0

cheat ssf galleon 1 0 0

Cheat gfi <ship name> <quantity> <quality> <blueprint[bool]>

cheat ssf <ship name> <quantity> <quality> <blueprint[bool]>

cheat gfi sail_small 15 0 0

cheat gfi sail_small_weight 15 0 0

cheat gfi sail_small_accel 15 0 0

cheat gfi sail_medium 15 0 0

cheat gfi sail_medium_weight 15 0 0

cheat gfi sail_medium_accel 15 0 0

cheat gfi sail_large 15 0 0

cheat gfi sail_large_weight 15 0 0

cheat gfi sail_large_accel 15 0 0


cheat gfi ship_deck_wood_small 15 0 0

cheat gfi ship_deck_wood_medium 15 0 0

cheat gfi ship_deck_wood_large 150 0 0


cheat gfi Ship_Plank_Wood_small 15 0 0

cheat gfi Ship_Plank_Wood_medium 15 0 0

cheat gfi Ship_Plank_Wood_large 150 0 0

cheat gfi Ship_Gunport_Wood_medium 15 0 0

cheat gfi Ship_Gunport_Wood_large 150 0 0