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ResourceBox.png Resources are raw materials that can be harvested or otherwise collected, then used to craft items, equipment and other crafting materials.

Resource Types[edit | edit source]

All resources have a base type (such as Fibers or Metal) and a sub-type (such as Cotton or Cobalt).

When crafting Common-tier items, any resources of the correct base type may be used.

When crafting higher tier items (Ramshackle and above), resources of multiple sub-types must be used. For example, a Ramshackle blueprint may specify Fibers 3x18. This indicates that 18 units of three different sub-types must be used. e.g. 18 Cotton, 18 Hemp and 18 Silk, or 18 Straw, 18 Cotton and 18 Hemp. Base type resources may not be used in the crafting of these items.

The following screenshot illustrates the requirements of a higher-tier blueprint.

Blueprint example.jpg

Finding Resources[edit | edit source]

Resource sub-types vary by Biome and location. For example, Rushes may be found in Temperate and Tropical regions, but not in Tundra regions.

Note: On starter islands (Freeports), only base types may be harvested. To get specific types, players must explore different islands.

Holding down h (default settings) on the keyboard while targeting a resource will tell you what types of items are collectible from that resource.

Documentation[edit | edit source]

There are several player-led efforts to document where resources may be found. The following links may be of use:

For official server locations:

For server-owners and map-designers:

Crafted Resources[edit | edit source]

In addition to raw materials, there are a number of craftable consumables and intermediate resources that are used as crafting ingredients. For details, please click the appropriate link.

Resource groups[edit | edit source]

Plants[edit | edit source]

Group Usable Resources
Cotton.png Fiber Bamboo.png Bamboo, Cotton.png Cotton, Hemp.png Hemp, Jute.png Jute, Seaweed.png Seaweed, Silk.png Silk, Straw.png Straw
Thatch.png Thatch Rushes.png Bark, Fronds.png Fronds, Reeds.png Reeds, Roots.png Roots, Rushes.png Rushes, Twigs.png Twigs,
Wood.png Wood Agedwood.png Agedwood, Darkwood.png Dark Wood, Ironwood.png Ironwood, Lightwood.png Lightwood, Softwood.png Softwood, Strongwood.png Strongwood, Wetwood.png Wetwood,
Sugar.png Sugar Coconut.png Gum, Honey.png Honey, Nectar.png Nectar, Resin.png Resin, Saps.png Saps, Sugars.png Sugars, Sugar Cane.png Sugar Cane, Syrup.png Syrup,

Stone and Ores[edit | edit source]

Group Usable Resources
Coal.png Coal Anthracite.png Anthracite, Coal.png Graphite, Lignite.png Lignite, Nitre.png Nitre, Peat.png Peat, Sulfur.png Sulfur
Flint.png Flint Agate.png Agate, Basalt.png Basalt, Chalcedony.png Chalcedony, Chert.png Chert, Obsidian.png Obsidian, Radiolarite.png Radiolarite
Stone.png Stone Coquina.png Coquina, Granite.png Granite, Limestone.png Limestone, Marble.png Marble, Sandstone.png Sandstone, Slate.png Slate
Tin.png Metal Cobalt.png Cobalt, Copper.png Copper, Iridium.png Iridium, Iron.png Iron, Silver.png Silver, Tin.png Tin
Crystal.png Crystal Amethyst.png Amethyst, Calcite.png Calcite, Herkimer.png Herkimer, Pearl.png Pearl, Quartz.png Quartz, Tellurite.png Tellurite
Gem.png Gem Diamond.png Diamond, Emerald.png Emerald, Garnet.png Garnet, Opal.png Opal, Ruby.png Ruby, Sunstone.png Sunstone
Sea Salt.png Salt Flake Salt.png Flake Salt, Iodine.png Iodine, Kala Namak.png Kala Namak, Pink Salt.png Pink Salt, Rock Salt.png Rock Salt, Sea Salt.png Sea Salt

Animals[edit | edit source]

Group Usable Resources
Skin.png Hide Skin.png Fish Skin, Fleece.png Fleece, Fur.png Fur, Hair.png Hair, Leather.png Leather, Pelt.png Pelt, Skin.png Skin, Wool.png Wool
Chitin.png Keratinoid Carapace.png Carapace, Chitin.png Chitin, Bone.png Bone, Residue.png Residue, Scale.png Scale, Shell.png Shell
Brain Coral.png Coral Brain Coral.png Brain Coral, Fire Coral.png Fire Coral

Vitamins[edit | edit source]

Group Consumable
Vitamin A.png Vitamin A Aloe.png Aloe, Green Algae.png Green Algae, Basil.png Basil, Beans.png Beans, Beet.png Beet, Carrot.png Carrot, Celery.png Celery, Chamomile.png Chamomile, Wild Chickpeas.png Wild Chick Peas, Chili.png Chili, Cilantro.png Cilantro, Coconut.png Coconut, Egg.png Egg, Garlic.png Garlic, Maize.png Maize, Mint.png Mint, Oregano.png Oregano, Parsley.png Parsley, Poppy.png Poppy, Potato.png Potato, Rice.png Rice, Rosemary.png Rosemary, Thyme.png Thyme, Turmeric.png Turmeric, Turnip.png Turnip, Wheatgrass.png Wheatgrass, Wild Onion.png Wild Onion, Wild Pepper.png Wild Pepper
Vitamin B.png Vitamin B Cooked Meat.png Cooked Meat, Cooked Prime Animal Meat.png Cooked Prime Animal Meat, Salted Meat.png Salted Meat
Vitamin C.png Vitamin C Acai.png Acai, Acerolla.png Acerolla, Arctic Raspberry.png Arctic Raspberry, Blackberry.png Blackberry, Elderberry.png Elderberry, 20x20px Lingonberry Schisandra.png Schisandra, Sea Grapes.png Sea Grapes, Strawberry.png Strawberry
Vitamin D.png Vitamin D Cooked Fish Meat.png Cooked Fish, 20x20px Cooked Prime Fish, Milk.png Milk, Salted Fish.png Salted Fish

Others[edit | edit source]

Group Usable Resources
Oil.png Oil Blubber.png Blubber, Crude Oil.png Crude Oil, Fish Oil.png Fish Oil, Mineral Oil.png Mineral Oil, Naptha.png Naptha, Shale Oil.png Shale Oil
Mythos.png Mythos Mythos.png Mythos