Region N8

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Region N8.jpg
Biome Equatorial
Sub-Biome Eastern Equatorial
Freeport Lawless
Spawn No
Temperature 8°C to 35°C

Discovery Zones[edit | edit source]

Grid Name Island Longitude Latitude Notes
N8 Rommont Isles - - -
N8 Ogeview Islands - - -
N8 The Shack Digmeuse Refuge 83.55 -4.38
N8 Hepmont Island - - -
N8 Digmeuse Refuge Digmeuse Refuge 83.43 -4.62
N8 The Thundering Key - - -
N8 Royal Burial Ground The Thundering Key 84.16 3.90
N8 Ceremonial Platform The Thundering Key 84.03 4.14
N8 Bellto Holm - - -
N8 Ancient Kahissbah Hepmont Island 80.74 -0.34 Close to the center of the island.
N8 An Angry Statue Bellto Holm 77.40 2.97 Southwestern tip of the island.
N8 A Terrible Statue Digmeuse Refuge 82.49 -3.65

Discovered Resources[edit | edit source]

Discovered Consumables / Plants[edit | edit source]

Discovered Animals[edit | edit source]

Islands[edit | edit source]

Sandgami Atoll[edit | edit source]

Region N8.jpg
Sandgami Atoll

Bellto Holm[edit | edit source]

Region N8.jpg
Bellto Holm

Digmeuse Refuge[edit | edit source]

Region N8.jpg
Digmeuse Refuge

Hepmont Island[edit | edit source]

Region N8.jpg
Hepmont Island

Ogeview Islands[edit | edit source]

Region N8.jpg
Ogeview Islands

Rommont Isles[edit | edit source]

Region N8.jpg
Rommont Isles

The Thundering Key[edit | edit source]

Region N8.jpg
The Thundering Key
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