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Region N4.jpg
Biome Temperate

Temperature 16°C / 0°C


Discovery ZonesEdit

Grid Name Island Longitude Latitude
N4 The Coral Refuge - - -
N4 The Black Island - - -
N4 Thieves Abode Nornear Chain 00.00 00.00
N4 The Temperate Shallows Gamding Enclave 83.94 49.55
N4 The Seven Sons Durset Island 78.89 50.89
N4 Nornear Chain - - -
N4 Mermaid's Nursery Gamding Enclave 84.04 49.73
N4 Hourglass Lake Nornear Chain 81.32 54.58
N4 Gamding Enclave - - -
N4 Durset Island - - -

Discovered ResourcesEdit

Discovered Consumables / PlantsEdit

Discovered AnimalsEdit


Durset IslandEdit

Durset Island

Gamding EnclaveEdit

Gamding Enclave

Nornear ChainEdit

Nornear Chain

The Black IslandEdit

The Black Island

The Coral RefugeEdit

The Coral Refuge

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