Region K4

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Region K4.jpg
Biome Temperate
Sub-Biome North Eastern Temperate
Freeport Lawless
Spawn ?
Temperature ?

Discovery Zones[edit | edit source]

Grid Name Island Longitude Latitude
K4 Crossmar Islands - - -
K4 Wakede Refuge - - -
K4 The Tide Between the Stones Plamont Archipelago 42.50 55.65
K4 Plamont Archipelago Plamont Archipelago 41.16 54.75
K4 The Pearl Islet - - -
K4 The Mighty Warrior Plamont Archipelago 41.27 55.50
K4 Plamont Archipelago - - -
K4 Old Tom's Strawberry Patch Misty Island 37.61 50.58
K4 Misty Island - - -
K4 Death's Door The Pearl Islet 44.07 49.67

Discovery Map[edit | edit source]

K4 Discovery.png

You can also see all discovery locations in this interactive map.

Discovered Resources[edit | edit source]

Resource Island Lon Lat Notes
Ruby Crossmar Islands 40.82 49.63 On the hill
Sunstone Plamont Archipelago At the base of the large elephant statue

Discovered Consumables / Plants[edit | edit source]

Resource Island Lon Lat Notes
Wheatgrass #Plamont Archipelago 42.21 55.73 On the slope
Wheatgrass Crossmar Islands On the hill
Wild Carrot Crossmar Islands On the hill

Discovered Animals[edit | edit source]

Islands[edit | edit source]

Crossmar Islands[edit | edit source]

Region K4.jpg
Crossmar Islands

Misty Island[edit | edit source]

Region K4.jpg
Misty Island

Plamont Archipelago[edit | edit source]

Region K4.jpg
Plamont Archipelago

The Pearl Islet[edit | edit source]

Region K4.jpg
The Pearl Islet

Wakede Refuge[edit | edit source]

Region K4.jpg
Wakede Refuge
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