Region E8

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Region E8.jpg
Biome Equatorial
Sub-Biome Western Equatorial
Freeport No
Spawn Yes
Temperature ?

Discovery Zones[edit | edit source]

Grid Name Island Longitude Latitude
E8 Dighill Island - - -
E8 The Pufferfish Ait - - -
E8 Pilree Isles - - -
E8 Crossmeds Isles - - -
E8 Wellingforte Island - - -
E8 Sorcerer's Warning Wellingforte Island 00.00 00.00
E8 Rochgamau Island - - -
E8 Rocky Shallows Pilree Isles -39.80 -0.97
E8 Have a Drink Crossmeds Isles -35.62 -2.87
E8 Monument to Fear Rochgamau Island -38.92 -3.04
E8 Stature Of Mochary Rochgamau Island -39.55 -2.36
E8 Maroon Rock Hannola Reef -43.66 1.80
E8 Hollow Victory Hannola Reef -44.58 1.98
E8 Hannola Reef - - -
E8 Monkberry Haven - - -
E8 Na Nan Na Bo Bo Rochgamau Island -38.91 -3.10
E8 Mysterious Statue The Pufferfish Ait -35.98 -0.85
E8 Not So Much Oasis Delnigan Key -41.42 3.87

Discovered Resources[edit | edit source]

Type Resource Locations
Coal.png Coal Sulfur.png Sulfur
Crystal.png Crystal Herkimer.png Herkimer
Cotton.png Fibers Jute.png Jute
Tin.png Metal Cobalt.png Cobalt
Iron.png Iron
Flint.png Flint Agate.png Agate
Chert.png Chert
Thatch.png Thatch Rushes.png Bark
Fronds.png Fronds
Sea Salt.png Salt Iodine.png Iodine Hannola Reef (-43.62,1.67)
Sea Salt.png Sea Salt
Stone.png Stone Coquina.png Coquina
Wood.png Wood Strongwood.png Strongwood

Discovered Consumables / Plants[edit | edit source]

Type Resource Locations
Berry.png Berry Acerolla.png Acerolla
Sea Grapes.png Sea Grapes
Cooking Herbs.png Cooking Herbs Thyme.png Thyme
Fruits.png Fruits Cocoa.png Cocoa

Discovered Animals[edit | edit source]

Islands[edit | edit source]

Monkberry Haven[edit | edit source]

Region E8.jpg
Monkberry Haven

Delnigan Key[edit | edit source]

Region E8.jpg
Delnigan Key

Dighill Island[edit | edit source]

Region E8.jpg
Dighill Island

Hannola Reef[edit | edit source]

Region E8.jpg
Hannola Reef

Pilree Isles[edit | edit source]

Region E8.jpg
Pilree Isles

Rochgamau Island[edit | edit source]

Region E8.jpg
Rochgamau Island

The Pufferfish Ait[edit | edit source]

Region E8.jpg
The Pufferfish Ait

Wellingforte Island[edit | edit source]

Region E8.jpg
Wellingforte Island

Crossmeda Isles[edit | edit source]

Region E8.jpg
Crossmeda Isles
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