Region D1

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Region D1.jpg
Biome Polar
Sub-Biome North Western Polar
Freeport No
Spawn No
Temperature -2°C / -20°C

Description[edit | edit source]

D1 is a region in the North Western Polar. At least one island (Walfield Atoll) in this region has massive amounts of Cobalt.png Cobalt and Tin.png Tin ores. Because it is too cold in this zone, there are no plants, only trees.

Discovery Zones[edit | edit source]

Grid Name Island Longitude Latitude
D1 Stratsack Isles - - -
D1 Blainrath Enclave Blainrath Enclave -52.64 94.26
D1 Walfield Atoll - - -
D1 The Perfect Place to Hunker Down Walfield Atoll -55.43 95.42
D1 The Decayed Archipelago - - -
D1 Templebalt Islet - - -
D1 Shrewtara Archipelago - - -
D1 For the Ice Bore Witness The Decayed Archipelago -51.74 91.82
D1 Berthierforte Holm - - -
D1 The Charger ??? 00.00 00.00
D1 The Pathfinder ??? 00.00 00.00
D1 A Maelstrom of Ice ??? 00.00 00.00
D1 The Kraken's Spit ??? 00.00 00.00
D1 A Mighty Whale Did This ??? 00.00 00.00
D1 The Borealis Majesty ??? 00.00 00.00
D1 The Fire Dancer ??? 00.00 00.00
D1 The Good Hangman ??? 00.00 00.00
D1 The Princess ??? 00.00 00.00
D1 The Broken Horror ??? 00.00 00.00
D1 The Foul Hangman ??? 00.00 00.00
D1 The Gallant Charge ??? 00.00 00.00
D1 Carved From The Ice ??? 00.00 00.00
D1 Someone Was Here! ??? 00.00 00.00
D1 A Lost City ??? 00.00 00.00

Discovered Resources[edit | edit source]

Discovered Consumables / Plants[edit | edit source]


Discovered Animals[edit | edit source]

Islands[edit | edit source]

Berthierforte Holm[edit | edit source]

Region D1.jpg
Berthierforte Holm

Blainrath Enclave[edit | edit source]

Region D1.jpg
Blainrath Enclave

Shrewtara Archipelago[edit | edit source]

Region D1.jpg
Shrewtara Archipelago

Stratsack Isles[edit | edit source]

Region D1.jpg
Stratsack Isles

Templebalt Islet[edit | edit source]

Region D1.jpg
Templebalt Islet

The Decayed Archipelago[edit | edit source]

Region D1.jpg
The Decayed Archipelago

Walfield Atoll[edit | edit source]

Region D1.jpg
Walfield Atoll

Note : Has no trees.

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