Region C7

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Region C7.jpg
Biome Tropics
Sub-Biome North Western Tropics
Freeport Lawless
Spawn ?
Temperature Hot

Discovery Zones[edit | edit source]

Grid Name Island Longitude Latitude Notes
C7 The Pool That Kept Lucky Sam Alive Blythewich Island -63.63 12.87 Large rock pool southeast from the center of the island. Possibly bugged. Try sitting in a chair or mounting/dismounting to get the discovery.
C7 Seabeasts Breach Magriden Holm -68.30 17.36 Toward the center of the island. Strange bumpy terrain.
C7 The Horn Chever Archipelago -68.70 10.10 Top of the tallest peak in the northwestern part of the island. Be prepared for a long and difficult climb.
C7 Magriden Holm - - -
C7 Hidden Forest Doland Atoll -64.80 16.87 Center of the largest island, found underneath the rock arch.
C7 Doland Atoll - - -
C7 Chever Archipelago - - -
C7 Blythewich Island - - -
C7 Gibtois Refuge - - -
C7 Whistler's Way Gibtois Refuge -69.88 13.07 Eastern part of the island underneath the rock arch, keep to the side on the ledge.
C7 The Cheering Isle - - -
C7 Mysterious Platform - - - One of three new discoveries in this region added in v206
C7 Pieces of a Lost Civilization - - - One of three new discoveries in this region added in v206
C7 Tribal Graves - - - One of three new discoveries in this region added in v206

Discovered Resources[edit | edit source]

CAUTION: EXTREME DANGER in shallows near #Gibtois Refuge around -69.43 13.25, -69.51 12.56 and one other spot near the south coast (coords forthcoming).

Discovered Consumables / Plants[edit | edit source]


Discovered Animals[edit | edit source]


Islands[edit | edit source]

Blythewich Island[edit | edit source]

Region C7.jpg
Blythewich Island

Chever Archipelago[edit | edit source]

Region C7.jpg
Chever Archipelago

Doland Atoll[edit | edit source]

Region C7.jpg
Doland Atoll

Gibtois Refuge[edit | edit source]

Region C7.jpg
Gibtois Refuge

Magriden Holm[edit | edit source]

Region C7.jpg
Magriden Holm

The Cheering Isle[edit | edit source]

Region C7.jpg
The Cheering Isle
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