Region B7

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Region B7.jpg
Biome Tropics
Sub-Biome North Western Tropics
Freeport No
Spawn No
Temperature ?

Discovery Zones[edit | edit source]

Grid Name Island Longitude Latitude Notes
B7 The Gray Island - - - -
B7 The Flowing Ait - - - -
B7 Trito Enclave - - -
B7 Tragic Tides Trito Enclave -83.52 17.20 Top of the waterfall under one of the giant skull rocks.
B7 The Spring Skerry - - -
B7 Tears of the Lost Trito Enclave -83.71 17.20 Taller skull stone near Tragic Tides. Currently bugged. Sitting in a chair or mounting/dismounting a tame is required to get the discovery.
B7 Merdock's Alcove The Spring Skerry -81.16 10.29 Southern edge of the eastern part of the island, near the water under the rock arches.
B7 Tiny Ocean The Flowing Ait -77.05 9.72 Small pool in a crater on the beach south of the island. Is observable on world map.
B7 Windy Locks The Grey Island -82.79 13.45 The tallest peak on the east of the main island (can see discovery point from ground via telescope.) Be prepared for a long and tactically difficult climb.
B7 Great Arch Brimingcona Haven -78.32 14.94 Arch at the entrance to the cove on the southwestern edge of the island
B7 Brimingcona Haven - -80.64 14.94
B7 Beast Foot The Spring Skerry -82.32 10.24 Center of the western part of the island, under the stone arch.
B7 Ashleighen Pool Brimingcona Haven -78.39 15.88 Follow the river that ends on the northwestern edge of the island. This leads to a pool. Follow right side of pool to continue going up the river till coming to the second pool/the discovery. Currently bugged. Sitting in a chair or mounting/dismounting a tame is required to get the discovery.

Discovered Resources[edit | edit source]

Discovered Consumables / Plants[edit | edit source]

Discovered Animals[edit | edit source]

Islands[edit | edit source]

Brimingcona Haven[edit | edit source]

Region B7.jpg
Brimingcona Haven

The Flowing Ait[edit | edit source]

Region B7.jpg
The Flowing Ait

The Gray Island[edit | edit source]

Region B7.jpg
The Gray Island

The Spring Skerry[edit | edit source]

Region B7.jpg
The Spring Skerry

Trito Enclave[edit | edit source]

Region B7.jpg
Trito Enclave
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