Preserving Bag

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Preserving Bag
Preserving Bag.png
Type Structure
Health 600
Item slots 24
Fuel Preserving Salt.png Preserving Salt (2h)
Added in v1.0
Skill Tree Cooking & Farming
Crafted in Loom.png Loom
Resources breakdown
110 × Cotton.png Fibers
30 × Sugar.png Sugar
68 × Thatch.png Thatch

The preserving bag increases the spoil time of food items by approximately 36x.

Made up of 24 slots, it can be filled with Vegetable, Fruit, Meat and Fish food types including raw food.

The preserving bag requires either Preserving Salt.png Preserving Salt or Ice.png Ice placed inside to work.

The preserving bag consumes 1 Preserving Salt.png Preserving Salt every 2 hours.

The preserving bag is helpful when placed on ships, allowing storage of food for long periods of time.

The preserving bag will also turn Animal Meat.png Animal Meat into Salted Meat.png Salted Meat and Fish Meat.png Fish Meat into Salted Fish.png Salted Fish when there is Preserving Salt.png Preserving Salt inside the bag.