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Grown by placing a Potato Seed.png Potato Seed in either a Small Crop Plot.png Small Crop Plot or a Large Crop Plot.png Large Crop Plot that is watered either by rain or by an Irrigated Water Pipe and that contains adequate Feces.png Feces or Fertilizer.png Fertilizer to maintain nitrogenation
Food 5
Vitamin A Vitamin A.png 5
Decomposes in 2h 30m
Added in v1.0
Spawn Command

Potato.png Potatoes are a cultivated crop and recipe ingredient in ATLAS.


Your pathfinder can eat Potato.png Potato and other types of Vegetable.png Vegetable to fill some Food.png Food and to recover some Vitamin A.png Vitamin A.


Potato.png Potato are required to make:

And you can use Potato.png Potato or any other type of Vegetable.png Vegetable to make:


Potato.png Potato are the preferred taming food for: (none). As with all Vegetable.png Vegetables, you can also use Potato.png Potato to tame—at a decent effectiveness—the following: Bear.png Bear, Bull/Cow, Elephant.png Elephant, Giraffe.png Giraffe, Horse.png Horse, Ostrich, Pig and Rhino.png Rhino.

However they are one of the best foods to feed to growing babies that eat veggies like a bear. (-> Breeding#Caring_For_Babies)


Can be aquired by shoveling on open grounds on some islands in temperate region

Potato.png Potatoes may only be acquired via Farming, or by digging in grassy soil with a Shovel.

Potato Seed.png Potato Seed may be acquired by harvesting Wild Potato.png Wild Potato

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