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This page focuses on recent changes for the PC version of the game. You can find the official patch notes on the official Atlas Forums. If you are looking for a German version of the patch notes, please visit the German ATLAS forum

v218.31[edit | edit source]

- Fixed mortars shooting through ceilings that are one wall high

- Fixed placing large cannons on the back gunports of a schooner

- Fixed an issue where being mounted on a swivel cannon and pressing M would bring up a floating map and compass

- Fixed armor pieces floating in view when equipping them whilst mounted on a cannon that is on a bear/horse harness

- Players can no longer knock out enemy NPC crew manning puckles using the feat "Target Soft Spots" (also applies during peace phase)

- Crew can no longer be dismounted from puckles using a blackjack even though they are immune to melee damage (also applies during peace phase)

- Magic Mythos has been disabled

v218.30[edit | edit source]

- Magic Mythos enabled on the Official Network. Bonus 2X Harvesting, Taming, XP, and Treasure Gold

V218.29[edit | edit source]

- Limited the slope campfires can be placed on

- Disabled throwing water on thermal structures to avoid exploit of infinitely throwing water on fire on a sinking ship

- Modified offsets for unboarding the Tortuga so players don't get stuck.

- Disabled Magic Mythos bonus rates on Official Network

v218.28[edit | edit source]

- Fixed an issue with stone walls clipping through the floor when placed in wood half walls.

- Increased leniency in dismount sockets and lowered acceptance for placement on the Puckle (NPC's should no longer dismount with legitimate builds) - The serpent boss, Anacthyon, added to Blackwood

- Magic Mythos enabled with 2X Harvesting, Taming, XP, and Treasure Gold

v218.27[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a bug that allowed players to gain massive height when running into the corner of a raft or dinghy

- Fixed a bug that allowed players to gain massive height when climbing really tall ladder setups

- Fixed a bug which allowed players to base on top of submarines

- Fixed a bug which allowed seated NPCs to shoot puckles through walls

- Ended 2x Magic Mythos Event

v218.25[edit | edit source]

- Enabled 2x Harvesting, Taming, XP, and Gold on our Official Network

- Fixed rope ladders so that they can now be rotated when placed on wooden catwalks

- Fixed 2-handed weapons able to used interchangeably, bypassing the weapon equipment timer using the Q hotkey.

- Fixed a bug where critical strike could be used with other weapons by removing the buff if you switch to a different weapon.

- Fixed a bug where projectile mesh wasn't showing correctly for singleplayer.

- Fixed a bug which would cause players to throw out their gear by accident at low server fps when using "O" instead of "E" to unequip currently equipped gear.

- Fixed a bug which allowed diving platform to be placed on top of a cargo rack.

v218.24[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a case where ships would enter a broken state where it visually appears to be unanchored, but you wouldn't have been able to move it.

- Releasing a ship from a shipyard now has an activation timer

- Fixed a bug which would cause players to throw items out of their inventory when rapidly pressing E to equip them

- End of Magic Mythos event on Official Servers

- Critical Save Changes to Non-ATLAS Dedi/Blackwood which fixes the following, but may require a save wipe:

Players were randomly removed from their company

Companies being deleted

Being unable to spawn on beds

Beds not appearing on the map

Ships not appearing on the map

Additional info on Blackwood/Non-ATLAS Dedi changes:

v218.21[edit | edit source]

- Prevented the hotbar from outlining red with broken items when at the ship wheel

- Fixed a bug which prevented melee attack with weapons whilst carried by Lion

- Fixed a bug which caused players to lose most control of their characters after dying to exhaustion when shoveling (was previously solved by relogging)

- Fixed a bug where buoys would not provide light and be desynced on the ocean at high waves

- Fixed a bug which would not allow players to change the name of the ship if they hadn't previously given it a name (this only occurred when pressing accept without naming it, rather than cancel)

- Fixed a bug where the reload mini game would not take effect when mounted on creatures

- Multiple Misc Blackwood Level related fixes (floating foliage, ocean water transitions, holes).

v218.20[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a crash which would occur when attempting to open a Dinghy's inventory

- Fixed Advanced Able Mapmaker being unlocked by the wrong skill

- Fixed Ship Max Level being erroneously counted by the Shipyard's current health rather than the total health.

- Fixed dedicated servers not using passwords on Blackwood

- Fixed a case when searching for Blackwood servers would cause only one to list at a time

- Fixed a bug where corpses with inventories would not calculate their correct weight

- Fixed a bug which wouldn't allow you to select the Home Server to change to on Unofficial Networks

- You can now plant an assortment of seeds in Blackwood

- Fixed multiple islands on Blackwood being marked as non-buildable

- Fixed a bug where beds would sometimes not function on Blackwood

- Fixed Shipwrecks spawning on the coast of islands in Blackwood

- Fixed multiple foliage and terrain bugs with Blackwood

- Moved the 'Exit to Main Menu' button to the bottom of the pause menu options

v218.15[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a client-side crash (

- Blackwood content moved to optional DLC, for those who do not plan to play it and want to save the install size (10GB):

- Added multiple treasure map locations per island for Single Player and Non-Dedicated Game Modes

v218.14[edit | edit source]

- Client-side fix for Treasure Map crash

v218.13[edit | edit source]

- Blackwood is available!

An example command line for running a dedicated Blackwood server:

start ShooterGameServer.exe Blackwood? -log -server -NoSeamlessServer


- Character and inventory import/export for Single Player and Non-Dedicated Servers (optional for hosts)

- Magic Mythos 2x is enabled on the Official Network: 2x Taming, XP, Harvest Rates and Gold!

v211.32[edit | edit source]

- Further optimizations for structure replication in multiplayer networking

v211.31[edit | edit source]

- Improved how servers replicate structures on ships leading to large performance gains, particularly in areas where there are many boats and many clients, such as docks and large fleet battles.

- Magic Mythos has now ended on the Official Network

v211.21[edit | edit source]

- Disabling the "Give Default Pathfinder Items" Option will now properly hide any cosmetic skins you've purchased or unlocked when you fast-travel/respawn (requires fast-travel/respawn to see the change if you toggle that option).

- Fixed Kraken sweeping players off their ships when the ships are knocked back

- Improved client performance when numerous players are nearby

-  Wheel Skins now work for singleplayer/host

- Sunken Ship Treasure now shows you the Loot Quality at the water surface effect via floating text.

- Added a new Quest: loot a 16 quality or higher sunken treasure to get the new Crab Wheel Skin

- Added Shark Wheel Skin to the "Master Cartographer" Quest (get any more Discovery Zones to unlock it if you've already completed that quest)

- Added Kraken Wheel Skin to the "Power of the Gods" Quest (Beat the Hard Kraken again to unlock it if you've already completed that quest)

- Improved the weighting of Sunken Treasure by overall making higher quality treasure about 50% more likely to be generated, as well as boosting the max quality of sunken treasure by 15%

- Magic Mythos 2x is enabled on the Official Network: 2x Taming, XP and Harvest Rates

v211.15[edit | edit source]

- You can now password protected Non Dedicated Multiplayer Servers, some notes:

If the session is password protected no direct joins will work unless the person has previously successfully inputted the password

If they fail to enter the password, they'll have to restart the client before they can have another chance to join.

You are unable to host a Private Match at the same time as a Password Protected Session at this time.

- Fixed a case where players weren't able to respawn on beds in Non Dedicated Multiplayer after transition

- Fixed a bug which would cause player arms to disappear after mounting the submarine

v211.0[edit | edit source]

- Non Dedicated Mode is now available

v210.2[edit | edit source]

- Settlement owners can no longer raze claims on PvE.

- Settlement Owners can place down multiple banks on their island, so settlers can supply it to help upkeep with gold

- Settlement Owners now have the option, on Claim Flags, to prevent anyone but Company Admins from removing items from a tax bank

v210.13[edit | edit source]

- Magic Mythos 2x is enabled on the Official Network: 2x Taming, XP and Harvest Rates

- Settlement Owners can now raze a settlement after first claiming it. This will destroy all structures on the island. The cost to raze will be 12k gold on PvP servers and 25k gold on PvE servers. Settlement Owners will need to wait 48 hours to be able to raze an island after claiming it. The raze option will then be available for a 24-hour window only. This option is only functional during peacetime on PvP networks.

v209.499[edit | edit source]

- Fast Decay has now been enabled for Settlement Owners

- Fixed Reservoir and Waterpipes being from being falsely flagged by Fast Decay

- Fixed some edge-case 3-5 structure builds from being falsely flagged by Fast Decay

209.497[edit | edit source]

- Fast Structure Decay has been enabled on our Official Network. This means that core foundation structures (floors, pillars, and fence supports), which are not snapped (connected) to more than 2 pieces or do not have a valid structure on top will have rapid decay which will result in their destruction after 12 hours of not being rendered in. Unofficials can enable this setting with the following command parameter: ?FastDecayUnsnappedCoreStructures=true

- Reverted the change to Stationed Crew repairing anchored boats in order to control the amount of materials that are being consumed when a boat has been anchored. Idle crew will still repair boats.

v209.491[edit | edit source]

- Magic Mythos bonus rates have been disabled

- Fast Structure Decay has been disabled on our Official Network (needs more tweaks before we can set this live)

v209.48[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a bug which would cause bears and horses from not basing on ships when they had storage carts attached to their harness (this would cause them to fall off ships when sailing)

- Non Seamless Grid maps now save and load player/ship locations properly (notable on mod maps such as OceanTest)

- Stationed crew can now repair anchored boats

- Stationed Crew and Idle Crew now have the same gold cost requirements on land and on ships (Client will need to be updated to visualize this change, it's inc!)

- Fast Structure Decay is now enabled on non-snapped core structures. This means that they will decay within 12 hours.

v209.46[edit | edit source]

- Shipwrecks and their icons should now correctly vanish on the map after 5 days. We're still investigating legacy wrecks and however they may clear with this change after 5 days, as company data is loaded

- Fixed "leave Company" button

v209.43[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause the Wall Hook to not remember whether a light source was active after loading a saved game

- Fixed a bug where players would temporarily enter combat state upon transition

v209.4[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a bug which prevented players from gaining experience at level 149 (Max is level 150)

- Companies are now enabled and force-created on Single Player so players have access to their Company Log. If you had a pre-existing savefile, you will be able to create a company, however it will only pull in boats/structures/creatures for the grid you're currently on. We recommend creating your company on your most active grid. You can use the cheat command 'cheat givetome' to pull boats/structures/creatures into your new company

- Added an Admin Command to Single Player: cheat DoLeaveTribe

- Forest Colouring can now be crafted and applied to items

- Renamed one of the Purple colours to 'Dark Violet' as there were two of the same name

- Demolishing buoys will no longer leave the sign floating behind

v209.36[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a bug which caused silos to pay crew that weren't on the same team

v209.35[edit | edit source]

- Reverted the Claim Flag height limit on Official Servers

v209.34[edit | edit source]

- When replacing invalid claimflags, you can now place them within the green ring of your original flag

- Claim flag height limit has been increased to 6500 units above sea level

v209.31[edit | edit source]

- Magic Mythos is enabled on our Official Network: 4x Harvesting, 4x Taming, 4x XP, 2x Gold, 2x Egg Hatching, 2x Baby Maturing, 2x Crop Growth, and 50% less mating interval!

- Company Island Point Limit has been increased by 100

- Tax Banks can only be placed by Admins or above in companies.

- Fixed certain level creatures not receiving experience points in Single Player

- Fixed underwater trenches not loading properly in Single Player

- Fixed a bug which caused Pistols to have a bullet loaded after being repaired from a broken state

- Discovery Zones on the map can now be hidden using the Toggle Island Info button on the ATLAS map

- Discovery on the map now temporarily disappear beyond a certain zoon distance on the map (zooming back in will have them reappear)

- Important: Claim Flags now have a maximum height limit when being placed. Claim Flags that were previously placed which exceed this limit will indicate as such on the HUD. Those which exceed the limit will be able to place a 2nd claim flag in a viable location. This will destroy your old flag and drop it's entire inventory into a loot cache (2 hour expiration time) on the ground. Next Wednesday, we'll be deploying an update which will force destroy any legacy flags which exceed the height limit. The limit is 4k units which is approximately 16/17 walls.

- New configurable ini setting for Claim Flag height limit


MaxSettlementFlagZ=4000 // you can set this number to 999999 to have no height restrictions.

v209.1[edit | edit source]

- Added activate sail turning as a keybind (default: Left Shift)

- Crew Members will now take food/gold from the following structures in this priority (it goes to the 2nd/3rd if the first does not have gold). Note this will also function on lawless servers, but to do so we've had to have them display island points on the map, however they still will not be able to be claimed.

Crew on Land:

1st priority: Resource Box and Food larder

2nd priority: Silo

3rd priority: Claim Flags

Crew on Fully Anchored Boats:

1st priority: Silo

2nd priority: Claim Flags

3rd priority: Resource Box and Food larder

- New placeable landstructure 'Crew Resource Silo' which allows storage of food and gold to feed crew

- New option on claim flag which allows turning off crew gold and food payment

- Fixed an edge case which allowed you to fire cannons through walls

- Fixed a bug where Crew were taking gold/food from a flag before they took it from a resource box/larder

- Fixed a bug which prevented harvesting on creatures/using tools in Singleplayer

- Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause the resource override to stop functioning, therefore provide players with a different resource than intended

v208.21[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a bug which would cause players to be stuck when unmounting creatures

- Cleared up the pinwheel text on Claim Flags, so they now indicate what it'll be changed to.

v208.2[edit | edit source]

- Fixed invalid discovery points value on server

v208.11[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a client side crash

v208.1[edit | edit source]

- Single Player Beta Mode

Note: Whilst not a formal system, Singleplayer users can play on any world json they want, by just replacing these files:


\ShooterGame\ServerGrid\ (the map images)

When doing so, please back up your SavedAtlasLocal folder, and then delete your save data using the in-game save delete button.

- Claim Flags now have a toggleable setting in Settlements mode which allows Settlement owners to choose whether to pay and feed the NPC Crew for allies or everyone settled on the island. This will be displayed in the top-right hand corner HUD. A single + means ally crew will take gold/food from claim flags. ++ means everyone will take gold/food from the claim flag. A lack of + means that only the settlement owner's crew will be able to take good/food from claim flags.

- Magic Mythos is now active for the weekend: 2x bonus rates for Harvesting, Taming, XP and Gold!

v207.999[edit | edit source]

- Crew gold payment and food can now be done via your Company's claim flag. Crew that are on an island or on a fully anchored ship within Settlement range are eligible. Berries are the only food that can be used in the claim flag (there is a greatly extended spoil timer on berries in a claim flag for further QoL). Crew will still seek out payment and food from nearby food larders and payment boxes and if there are none nearby or they are empty, they will take from the claim flag.

- Increased SoTD XP:

Schooner approx 20% increase

Brig approx 50% increase

Galleon approx 100% increase

v207.998[edit | edit source]

- Fixed Ghostship not appearing/disappearing

- Increased step height for Elephants and Rhinos to 110 to allow to climb half wall steps, and helps with other obstacles both would realistically be able to step over

- Golden Age AoD now drop less gold, have a larger respawn radius around players/tames and a longer respawn interval

- Fixed cases where players would be dismounted from the swivel gun when firing on a ship

v207.997[edit | edit source]

- A claim flag can longer be placed on a fully anchored ship during peacetime.

- Grog: Damage bonus changed from +6% to -3%, duration changed from 600s to 300s

- Rum: Now instead of giving 15 waters, it removes 20 water

- Target soft spots - Cooldown increased from 15s to 60s and torpor bonus reduced from 35% to 28%

- Critical strike - Cooldown increased from 20s to 60s and damage bonus reduced from 2x to 1.65x

- Target weakness - Duration increased from 10s to 24s

- Reduced the following armor stat scales by 30%:







v207.996[edit | edit source]

- AoD on GoldenAge now drop gold when killed. Scales with level.

- AoD now have a non-weighted random spread up to level 120 on GoldenAge servers

- AoD are now immune to anything except gun (non-puckle) ,melee damage and tame damage.

- Fixed cannons shooting thru overhangs

- Increased sword damage by 50%

- Increased mace damage by 35%

- Increased pike damage by 15%

- Increased spear damage by 20%

- Increased throwing knife damage by 20%

- Increased gun effectiveness against creatures 12.5%

- Reduced health potion self heal 20%

- Reduced tiger and lion head hitbox bone damage multiplier to 1.5x

- Increased minimum island points on PvE from 30 to 70

- Increased max island points on PvE from 150 to 250

- Increased max island points on PvP from 250 to 320

- Magic Mythos is now active for the weekend: 2x bonus rates for Harvesting, Taming, XP and Gold!

207.994[edit | edit source]

- Fixed multiple cases where players would become unbased (slide off ships) due to certain structures.

v207.992[edit | edit source]

- Company Rank settings are no longer the default option on E for climbing ladders if you're an admin or owner of a company

- Improved Ghostship appearance logic

- Fixed a bug which allowed clients to complete a musical sheet without even having to play a track

- Updated Equatorial tags and temps for Giraffe breeding, as it now spawns in the bog.

- Hid and cleaned up text overlap issues with the Sextant/GPS when inside menus

v207.991[edit | edit source]

- Fixed bolas releasing creatures prior to their timer ticking down entirely.

v207.99[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a bug which prevented tames and crew on ships from not having their claim timer refreshed on PvE. To refresh their timers, you will need to board the boats they're on.

- Fixed a bug which would result in the XP Curse lasting permanently (retroactive)

- Fixed a bug which prevented firing cannons which were placed on the top deck above gunports

- Beds can only be used to spawn on after their initial respawn cooldown has cleared

v207.981[edit | edit source]

- Inactive PvP boats will now automatically destroy after 4 weeks of inactivity

- Enabled auto-destruction for decayed structures on Official Servers.

- Sunken ships will always destroy after 5 days on Official Servers. This will clear the icon from your maps too, as long the area where the boats were sunk have been revisited.

- Gunports can now be opened again without cannons (i.e you can now fish out of them again)

- Fixed some invalid cannon placements / shooting edge cases.

- Open gunports will obstruct firing from any cannons that are not explicitly linked to them, either by dismounting the shooter or blocking the projectile.

- Fixed a Sail placement exploit.

- New game.ini mode for Sunken Ships


DestroyDeadShipsIntervalTime=0 // Defaults to 0, meaning sunk ships would last forever and set to 2592000 for officials.

v207.972[edit | edit source]

- Fixed an issue where NPCs on a Galleon's front NPCs would not replicate, due to the Captain being all the way in the back. This would have previously shown Missing NPCs, even if they were stationed.

v207.971[edit | edit source]

- Updated localization for German, French, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Swedish.

- Gunports will no longer open if they do not have a cannon snapped to it

- Cannons using gunport-snaps now check for near-by freely-snapped cannons before snapping, in order to prevent multiple cannons shooting from one gunport.

- Fixed the Global Ship Limit counting Sunken Ships

v207.95[edit | edit source]

- Increase torpedo ammo weight to 12

- Increase the torpedo launcher weight to 240

- Reduced the weight bonus torpedo launcher receives from closed gunports to 20%

- Bola CC duration reduced to 6 seconds on players

- Bola release time now reduced to 0.5 seconds when removing it from a player

- Torpedo crafting costs updated. Reduced by approximately 20% and updated metal to require 2 types of ingots. Mythos requirement unchanged.

- Flame damage now eliminates ballista harpoons

- Improved server performance on Golden Age grids as AoD enemies will only be networked to clients once they've awoken.

- Ballista Harpoon reload time has increased

- 2x Magic Mythos is now active with bonus rates for Harvesting, XP, Taming, and Gold.

v207.93[edit | edit source]

- Mortar and Pestle slots increased to 40

- Soap Blueprint added to Cooking Pot and Grill

- Large Storage Box slots increased to 100

- Small Storage Box  slots increased to 40

- Sugars now stack to 500 (increased)

- Thatch now stacks to 1000 (increased)

- Grenade weight increased to 5

- Firegel, Gunpowder, Blasting powder, Mythos and Coral can now be stored in the ship resource box.

- Reduced Grenade damage to players by 33%, to NPC Crew and Creatures by 10%

- Increased Playershop health to 12000

- Reduced base damage of Blackjacks by 10% and reduced the Fall Swing damage by 65%

- Doubled stamina cost of shield bash

- Fire Elemental now takes 50% more damage from Shotguns and 100% more damage from Ballista

- Fixed ""Fail" sound line for the medkit using male voiceline for female characters

- Fixed being able to place wallhooks on demolishable resources to prevent floating structures

- Fixed being able to place triangle foundations on top of beds

- Player Name is now included in the tribe log when scuttling ships or demolishing it via a shipyard

- Fixed a bug which allowed you to move whilst bola'd

- You can now base on non-allied PvE boats, and we've added an actionwheel entry to force non-allied characters off of your ship in PvE

207.91[edit | edit source]

- Torpedo Damage reduced by 45%

- Boats will no longer sink when overweighted or overcrewed if they are fully anchored (green anchor)

- Settlement Mode: Claim Flags now appear on the World Map for the grid region you're currently on

- Submarines docked on hangars now retain their colour after server restarts

- Prevented firing from gunports if the gunport has not fully opened. This is to resolve crews being dismounted as they were blocked for firing too soon

- Quest skills are blacked out with a silhouette when not learned

- Cocoa can now be crafted properly in irrigated grills

- Fixed FPV reload animation playing when switching from TPV to FPV with the Crossbow

- Fixed an issue where servers that were running for more than 4 days consecutively without reboot would have choppy water on the client.

Please note on Thursday, we plan to deploy a patch which will do the following:

- Increase torpedo ammo weight to 20

- Increase the torpedo launcher weight to 300

- Reduced the weight-reduction bonus torpedo launcher receives from closed gunports to v207.9

- Networking range for players on ships is now the same as players not on ships (~34,000 units)

- Networking range for unseated NPCs on ships are now about 18,000 units, and seated NPCs are now about 9,000 units.

- Fixed Crows no longer flying to attack.

- Fixed Shipyards at max storage capacity (300) fail to create ships.

- Fixed being unable to gain any stamina after sailing to another server with a stamina debuff active from using any feat, for example, "reload overdrive" feat on a ship. Previously you would have had the debuff permanently until you die and respawn

v207.9[edit | edit source]

- Networking range for players on ships is now the same as players not on ships (~34,000 units)

- Networking range for unseated NPCs on ships are now about 18,000 units, and seated NPCs are now about 9,000 units.

- Fixed Crows no longer flying to attack.

- Fixed Shipyards at max storage capacity (300) fail to create ships.

- Fixed being unable to gain any stamina after sailing to another server with a stamina debuff active from using any feat, for example, "reload overdrive" feat on a ship. Previously you would have had the debuff permanently until you die and respawn

v207.81[edit | edit source]

- Improved third person view offset so that it now positions at the average head height rather than the center of the character's capsule. This should improve how it feels when the camera is brushed up against a collision in the world.

v207.8[edit | edit source]

- If a launched torpedo hits within the first 3.75 seconds of being fired, it will do significantly reduced damage

- Torpedo overall damage reduced by 20%

- Torpedo overall projectile lifespan reduced by 10%

- Torpedo and Torpedo Launcher crafting cost has been increased

- Fixed hotkey assignments to save on relog

- Readjusted Marker UI location when minimap is open to prevent overlap

- You can now use "prying eyes" to look inside lock chests if they are your own company's boxes

- Cannons/Puckles will no longer fire in peacetime if the structure does not own the claim and the target is a player or tame

- Significant shoreline data memory optimization

v207.7[edit | edit source]

- Fixed harvesting boost from giving more resources than intended

- Fixed some unharvestable rocks and adding Fiber to missing freeports

- Moved sextant GPS/Speed/Direction from above the hotbar to below the sextant compass widget

- Prevented using Lucky Loader when in the middle of a reload

- Fixed Harvest Boost and other skills from resetting their cooldown upon death

- Crafting that requires 'water' as a resource will now consume 100 water, rather than the entire container

- Fixed Grill not being able to use water containers as a crafting resource

- Fixed overlapping text with Reservoir and Grill

- Hydra is able to reliably break down trees

- Fixed an issue with fishing rod where it would destroy itself when the item had broken

v207.6[edit | edit source]

- Added JSON object library.

- Added blueprint interface for anonymous communication between mods.

- Added helper functions for:

  • Searching for creatures by ID.
  • Retrieving filtered class lists.

- Re-enabled UObject counter in the devkit

v207.5[edit | edit source]

- Fixed an issue with dropped ship cargo being incorrectly calculated

v207.45[edit | edit source]

- Optimised Fog of War memory usage.

- Added a new slider: Ship Draw Distance (note: changing this will require a client reconnect to take effect). This setting changes the distance at which non-core ship structures and seated characters will draw for clients. If you wish to revert this, move the slider all the way to the right, alternatively, slide to the left for higher performance (particularly in large-scale ship battles).

- Looking at boats through a spy glass will force maximum draw distance on non-core structures and seated characters.

v207.41[edit | edit source]

- Fixed some server-side crashes

- Fixed double harvesting feat

- Ship of the Damned will now lose agro if they have not dealt damage for some time

- Ship of the Damned Galleons now have cannons on the front

- Decreased the time it takes for Ship of the Damned to respawn on Golden Age Ruin servers by approximately 75% (previously 1 hour, now 15 minutes)

- Fixed being able to drag players inside the Ice Dungeon

v207.2 [sic][edit | edit source]

- Fixed a server-side crash

v207.21[edit | edit source]

- Enabled Ship Structure Weight to the item tooltip

- Fixed a client crash caused by crop plots

- Giant Tortuga: Added step damage to prevent getting stuck on trees. Increased step height to prevent getting stuck on small obstacles and helps to more easily get out of water. Decreased tail swing range as attack missed at old max range.

- Fixed combat state not being unset with gamepad

- Fixed displayed ingredient requirements for Unthinkable Delicacy

notable differences:

25 animal meat -> 10 cooked prime meat

10 Magic Marrow -> 10 Mythos

added 50 hunger requirement to feat description

- Server option to force disable structure prevention volumes

Server Launch params:


or in GameUserSettings.ini



v207[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a bug which impacted Ship of the Damned's ability to sail

- Updated the quest description for 'Veteran Explorer'. It now takes 25% of all DPs, rather than 50%.

- Crossbow damage reduced from 65 to 55

- Faster reload skill effectiveness have been reduced by the following: Pistol - 25% less effective and Blunderbuss/Rifle: 75% less effective

- Fixed merchant ships from sailing through islands

v206.1[edit | edit source]

New Quests:

  • Into the Ice: When you have collected all the Power Stones, head deep into a Polar Ice Dungeon to discover what lies beneath...
  • Master Cartographer: Get at least 40% of the ATLAS Discovery Zones

Skills and Feats:

  • Feat: Instant Hotbar Equip, unlocked after completing "Master Cartographer" quest.
  • Feat: Harvest boost, unlocked after completing "Into the Ice" quest.

New Levels:

  • Ice Dungeon: Found in the polar region, can only be entered if players have unlocked all the 9 power stones
  • New Islands: Multiple equatorial and polar islands added to the ATLAS!

New Boss Fight:

  • Snowman Activated lights in boss arena now power a shield that maintains the Snowman's ice armor. Killing a round of minions will disable the shield, prevent minion spawns for a short duration, and allow the ice armor to receive damage. When minion cooldown is over, shield reactivates. When ice armor reaches 0, Snowman's health can be damaged directly and no more minions will spawn until the next health state. Upon entering each new health state, 1 extra minion will spawn at a time, and an increased amount of minions will be required to be killed for the shield to be deactivated/start minion spawn cooldown. When in the last health state and ice armor is destroyed for the final time, chaos ensues, and minions will continue to spawn until the boss is killed. Progress of minions to kill and ice armor are shown via floating hud.

New Structures:

  • Offensive Structure: Torpedo Launcher and torpedoes. Skill is obtained after completing "Into the Ice" quest.
  • Building Structure: 3x4 Medium Gates
  • Utility Structure: Ice Box - a high-insulation box for generating ice in cold areas. Has “active” mode that will drain ice but reduce surrounding temperature (reverse fire). Consumes less ice if “indoors”. New Resource: Ice - Generates over time in cold zones inside of the Ice Box. Decays relatively quickly if not in “insulated” storage. Can be consumed to reduce temperature and the half negative effects of armour weight debuffs for a short duration (15s per ice cube, max of 5 mins). Ice can be placed inside preserving bags to extend spoil times, and also lasts much longer in preserving bags. Relatively heavy.

New Cosmetics:

  • Player: Hydra Hide Armour Set, and Cyclops Heavy Armour Set
  • Ship: Hydra Steering Wheel, and Bone Skin Steering Wheel

New Attachments:

  • Boat Attachment: Cargo Racks (reduces the weight of items inside of its inventory, has a maximum carrying capacity and can only be accessed when a boat is anchored. Each cargo container will slow down your boat. At maximum cargo carrier attachments, a boat's speed will be reduced by a total of 40%. Able to replace and pick up new cargo containers out at sea).
  • Cart Attachment: Large Storage Box (reduces the weight of items inside of its inventory, does not work on ships)

New Item:

  • Fishing Net: Can only be used when sitting. Equips on the back slot. Will begin automatically catch fish when boat has met minimum sailing minimum velocity

New Weapons and Ammo types:

  • Ballista Ammo Type: Boat Harpoon (can be used to attach and reel in other ships)
  • Weapon: Spear Gun and Spear Bolt (can only be used unwater)
  • Weapon: Crossbow and Crossbow Bolt (multiple shots, cannot be used underwater)

New Creatures[edit | edit source]

  • Olfend: Can be tamed and bred. Used to collect, store, and shoot water to put out fires. Rare creature is found in the desert biomes.
  • Giant Tortugar: A giant turtle carrier. Can be tamed and bred. Capable of being an armored organic vessel and able to carry 1 driver and 3 passengers. Very rare creature found in the new equatorial islands.

New Features:

  • Company: Map markers
  • Company: Announcements
  • Boats: Can now be unclaimed and claimed
  • Controls: Full gamepad support

New Quality of Life Improvements:[edit | edit source]

  • UX: Revamped Skill Tree UI
  • UX: Adjusted 3rd person aiming so there is less likelihood of foliage clipping
  • UX: Sextant Buff Corner Mini Map is now hidden by default and can be revealed by pressing the H key. Sextant Mini Map can be permanently enabled by turning on the option in Advanced Settings
  • Combat: Players now have the option to turn dual wielding weapons off by holding the TAB key and the hotbar key to equip the new pistol, rather than duel wield it.
  • Combat: Gun hotbar equip time now scales (improves) with the various reloading skills
  • Combat: You can now attack from the run-state (but not whilst running). Previously when attempting to attack whilst running, you would have had to pause, then attack. Now you can go straight from a run into an attack.
  • Structures: The grill can now be attached to water pipes
  • Controls: You can now use the F key as an option to pick up all items from the floor within a certain radius
  • Ship: Pressing the F key whilst driving the ship, now allows you to access its inventory menu

Bug Fixes:

  • Skills: Fixed skills showing up in the wrong order on the skill tree
  • Ships: Fixed a bug which prevented ships from reversing when they bumped into shores
  • Ships: Fixed pressing right click to zoom in on the compass when sitting at a wheel of a ship
  • Ships: Can no longer place a Steering Wheel inside the sail mast
  • Building: Fixed a bug which prevented Water Reservoirs from irrigating grills if gathering water from a non-lake source
  • Building: Fixed vertical encroachment check on the bookcase so it fits in 1-high wall rooms
  • Resources: Fixed a bug where brain coral and fire coral were incorrectly labeled
  • Map: Multiple level fixes (holes, waterfall transitions, soil types, etc)
  • Creatures: Fixed a case where creatures would be stuck in the flee state whilst bola'd
  • Creatures Fixed a case where creatures would appear to stand up briefly just after being bola'd
  • UX: Fixed a bug which prevented you from seeing the HUD of a dropped item
  • UX: Scaled the size of ammo texts on ammo containers to make them more readable and changed CanisterShot to Canister Shot
  • Misc: Fixed icons for: Cooked Prime Fish Meat, Explosive Barrels, and Instant Equip
  • Misc: Disabled male voice on female characters when using a repair hammer on damaged planks
  • Misc: Fixed multiple cases where players shoulder disappears when harvesting with new anims
  • Misc: Fixed manual targeting aim location not replicating to clients

Balance Changes:

  • Combat: Reduced sickle damage against creatures and players
  • Combat: Sprint/Charge weapons have been disabled and will be re-added to the game as enhanced feats
  • Ships: Small Weight Sail weight bonus increased from 515 to 1000
  • Ships: Medium Weight Sail weight bonus increased from 920 to 2500
  • Ships: Large Weight Sail weight bonus increased from 1300 to 4000
  • Ships: Small Handling Sail wind effectiveness increased from 101 to 118
  • Ships: Medium Handling Sail wind effectiveness increased from 101 to 118
  • Ships: Large Handling Sail wind effectiveness increased from 101 to 118

v104.91[edit | edit source]

Released - May 28th, 2019

  • Crab can no longer throw characters when the weight of either/both carried characters is greater than the crab's maximum carry weight
  • Crab can no longer jump when it's carry weight is greater than 40% of its max weight

v104.82[edit | edit source]

- Further enhancement and tweaks to skill tree UI

v104.81[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a bug where quality specific equipment would display a multiplicative % stat increase and a flat stat increase, but only one would work. Going forward, the flat stat increase will be made obsolete and items will no longer be generated with it. Quality stated items will now only generate with the multiplicative stat bonus, and this change will be retroactive.

- Fixed a bug where items would falsely state that they were providing a speed benefit (did not do anything). They should not generate anymore going forward

- Magic Mythos 3x Holiday Weekend Event is now enabled on Official Servers: bonus 3x Harvest, XP, Taming, Crop growth, Gold multiplier, Breeding and Raising of creatures.

v104.8[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a bug which prevented salted prime meat from generating in a preserving bag

v104.78[edit | edit source]

- Fixed an edge case where some players were unaffected by the XP clamp

v104.73[edit | edit source]

- Magic Mythos is now enabled on Official Servers: bonus 2x Harvest, XP, and Taming rates for the weekend.

- Further optimisations for bUseNewStructureFoundationSupportChecks

- Reduced the maximum and minimum amount of experience which can be earned via execution

- Crafting Bonus on items is now capped at 60% on Official Servers

- Any character which was above level 100 will now be reverted to level 100.

- One time character respec for any character that had their XP reduced back to 100.

- One time destruction of all crafted items with a crafting bonus of over 60% on Official Servers.

- Grappling Hook 3rd Person view is now offset to the side when aiming.

- New server Game.ini configs:


RemoveItemsOverCraftingSkillBonus = 0.6

MaximumCraftingSkillBonus = 0.6

OldPlayerDataMaxXP = 2956920.0

The above config options can be used to to cap the crafting skill bonus, destroy any items over the crafting skill bonus, and reduce player max experience to value on load.

v104.65[edit | edit source]

- Optimized bUseNewStructureFoundationSupportChecks resulting in server performance gains and elimination of multiple stalls for structures. (These gains will be present on Official Servers)

v104.61[edit | edit source]

- Creatures no longer require the desired temperature after they reach 10% maturity

- Added scaling weapon slotting time by the reload skill (to align with the skill on the pistol)

- Reload time on pistols is reduced to 60% when all three pistol skills have been acquired

- 10% damage increase to pistols

v104.57[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a bug with purchasing blueprints from Player Shops

v104.56[edit | edit source]

- Skill UI redesign (first pass, more work to come with it!)

- Fixed misalignment with female first person hand view

v104.55[edit | edit source]

- Ending Magic Mythos event on Official Servers

- Fixed an exploit with the Guillotine

v104.52[edit | edit source]

- Large Cannons not snapped onto Gunports on Servers using bDontRequireLargeCannonsToSnapOnShips=true will now fire correctly.

v104.51[edit | edit source]

- RMB or Middle Mouse Button will now "drop" a grenade

- Grenade physics tweaked slightly be weightier, damage radius increased 15%, and grenade explosions now move with ships properly

- Stationed NPC's aside from puckle are now properly melee-damageable

- Added server option to allow large cannons to not require snap on ship:

Game.ini ShooterGameMode bDontRequireLargeCannonsToSnapOnShips=true

- Fixes for cyclops Cloth boots and Kraken Hat not being rewarded

- Switched from Add New Item to Increment Item Quantity for Milk and Wool from Cow and Sheep to prevent being limited to Max Item Quantity if the player had no exiting stacks of the item given.

- Increased max amounts at full yield from 60 to 80 for Cow and 100 to 200 for Sheep.

- Melee Combat, fixing two bugs related to blocking:

Setting traces to use zero instead of complex collision groups on clients so that clients properly see hits

Fixing mistaken/unclear orderings for block determination that led to servers failing to correctly identify and pass along a block if the client-based block didn't succeed (such as in the cases where the client couldn't land a hit due to the collision group)

- Added a "turn off" option to ballista and catapult

- Fixed floating characters on standable tames such as elephants

- Fixed a bug where clients would see characters that had been grapple pulled off tame still move with their tames as if they were mounted resulting in a weird flight-like state.

- Added option to hide the pause menu's Server Info Panel


- Fixed an issue with leatherwing's grab

- Large cannons should now properly snap to all gunports

- Large cannon snaps now require floor/deck underneath

- Nature's touch cooldown now has unique icon

- Coral item now has correct coal-type item category icon

- Reduced Golden Age creature spawns by 60% and increased their respawn interval by a factor of 3

- The extra Water-structure foundation checks now only check against other Water-structures, and do not apply for Settlement Owners

- Item Skins are no longer eliminated when Trading

v104.2[edit | edit source]

- Hid the unclaim boat button as it's not ready for public release yet

- Fixed an issue where Large Cannons were being destroyed on the destruction of a gunport they were snapped to

- When demolishing a non-ship/core type structures on a non-fully-anchored boat, resources will not be returned to you. This will be indicated to you via the demolish HUD. The boat must be fully anchored to get resources back for non-ship/core type structures.

v104.14[edit | edit source]

Balance Changes

- Crab can no longer grab crew off stations

- Ship claim time reduced by 5x when a ship is unanchored.

- Large Cannons can now only be placed in gun ports when on ships. Existing Large Cannons that have been placed on decks or ceilings will not be functional and will need to be demolished.

- Small reduction in Large Cannon damage

- One-time doubling of acquired Discovery Points for all previously existing player profiles

- Players will now get 2 Discovery Points per regular discovery rather than 1

- Quest Discovery Points have also increased by approximately 2x

- Lighthouses will check for nearby enemy players before being able to be successfully placed

- Large Gateways, Gates, and Large walls will check for nearby online players before being able to be placed unless on Settlements during peacetime.

- Core Structures will check for nearby online players before being able to be placed during Combat Phase on Settlements

- Flotsam gold reward gold increased by 20%

- Crew Payment Interval doubled (this means that you'll need to pay them less gold)

- Shipwreck Gold Reward doubled

- Creatures able to be equipped with armour along with Crew are now able to equip gear above common quality.

- Any structure that checks for enemy foundations when placed in water now has a 4x enemy foundation check radius (such as pillars and shipyards)

- There is now a creature specific cooldown on Nature's Touch

QoL Changes

- Increased spoil timer on SotD loot.

- Reduction in Blizzard Sound Effect volume

- Crewmembers will no longer eat Water Jars from the food larder or their inventories

- Transferring materials with a filter on now transfers all children types too. For example, filtering HIDE will transfer Leather, Fur, Hair, etc.

- Transferring items of a higher than base quality will now automatically go into the hotbar space

Bug Fixes

- The Accordion song, “A Mockatoo Once Told Me” will now appropriately apply the buff to players in the area

- Fix to the movement of elevator when manually operated

- Fixed a crash on transition

- Submarine now consumes fuel consistently after crossing a world border

- Kracken should no longer aggro onto ships/players outside of the barrier

- Fixed an issue related to ships transitioning with players when a catapult was used

- Fixed a basing issue which could occur when crabs jumped off ships

- Fixed an issue caused by opening the feats wheel then pressing “i” which caused the mouse cursor to be placed on screen.

- An unraised noose on a ship will no longer cause a player to take damage upon transferring

- Fixed an exploit related to harvesting from crop plots

- Fixed an issue with crop plots unintentionally being able to be stacked

- A player’s bag will no longer spawn above the cave if they die completing the Powerstone quest

- Items inside a loot bag will now register the correct weight

- Fixed a visual bug related to the cloth Cyclops Helmet skin

- Cannons can no longer be placed right beside another (to address stacking three cannons inside a gun port)

- The sextant compass buff will no longer be removed upon logging out

- Fixed Hydra Spawn on H6

- Cleaned up levels from Mnt_R_PVE and reworked spawns on Cay_H

- Cannonballs will no longer pass through own collision

- Gateways and Gates can no longer be placed in Freeports or Golden Age Ruin servers

- Alloy will now be correctly detected from a resource repair box


- Settlement Owners on our PvE Networks can no longer set rules on building offensive structures

- Rectified an inconsistency when painting decks and ceilings on ships

- Adjusted the Chest Width slider for females in the character creation screen

- Corrected Hide Cyclops Armour name in BP description