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A lawless zone does not have the same rules as other zones.

  • You cannot place a Claim flag.
  • You can place a Taxation Bank but it is more for style as the function of the Taxation Bank is disabled.
  • Everything built will decay after 7 Days of inactivity in this zone.
  • Everyone can steal your place when they place a structure near to you or make your buildable place very small.
  • In the other site, you can build a home. You can wait that your neighbours give up and make his home yours after removing his building and placing your own.
  • The face of the islands changes often because a lot of people travel there to get resources or to get a beginning to build large ships and contest claimed islands.
  • After they build the ships normally they forget the shipyards and home buildings in the lawless area and new people take their place.
  • The Animals are the same at the other island in the biome. You have Alpha Creatures too and you can tame the normal ones.
  • You can find treasure bottles for Treasure maps.

It is advised to build a Simple Bed.png Simple Bed to place on your new sailing vessel in case you die during your travels. This will allow you to respawn on your ship. , Note: This may be outdated

Location[edit | edit source]

Updated 2019-05-28 v104.81

1 M1
2 I2 L2 N2
3 E3 H3 J3 M3
4 D4 F4 I4 L4
5 A5 E5 K5 M5
6 B6 G6 L6 M6 O6
7 A7 D7 F7 H7 L7 N7
8 C8 E8 G8 J8 K8 M8
9 A9 D9 I9 K9 L9 N9
10 B10 J10 M10 O10
11 A11 E11 L11
12 F12 H12 K12
13 C13 E13 G13 I13 L13
14 B14 D14 H14
15 C15