Hyperthermal Insulation

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Hyperthermal Insulation is a Stat in ATLAS.

Usage[edit | edit source]

  • It negates hot environment temperature, for cold see Hypothermal Insulation.
  • If Hyperthermal Insulation is too low for the environment temperature, the pathfinder starts to dehydrate more rapidly than normal. If the level is extremely low for the temperature, the pathfinder starts to lose Health.png Health.
  • If Hyperthermal Insulation is high enough for the environment temperature, the pathfinder is able to regain Health.png Health.
  • Hyperthermal Insulation default value is Zero.

Gaining Hyperthermal Insulation[edit | edit source]

Hyperthermal Insulation is gained by pathfinder attributes and Buffs

How does it work[edit | edit source]

  • Insulation is unnecessary if the environment is at a comfortable temperature.
  • The hotter it gets, the more Hyperthermal Insulation is needed.
  • 30 Fortitude.png Fortitude from Equilibrium is worth 50 Hyperthermal Insulation.
  • All Armor except Cloth Armor decrease Hyperthermal Insulation.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Fortitude.png Fortitude Condition Cold.png Hypothermal Insulation Condition Hot.png Hyperthermal Insulation
1 ? ?
10 ? ?
30 50 50