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Basic gameplay[edit | edit source]

Controls[edit | edit source]

The Controls[edit source]

You should take time to familiarize yourself with the controls of the game. You can see all of the controls and hotkeys by pressing Esc key on your keyboard and then clicking on options. You can change your keybinds, as well as assign keybinds for things like increasing or decreasing the game brightness (very useful during the nighttime when you don't have a torch). Also, if you have a keyboard that does not have a numpad, you should change your 'zoom in button' for the map. You can open the map with M, and it shows you your global coordinates and position in the region you are in (marked by red x).

Basic Hotkeys[edit source]

These are the default values. They may not match your custom settings.

Action Default Key X-Box PlayStation Notes
Foward ⊞ Windows Controls Up Controls Up
Back s Controls Down Controls Down
Strafe Left a Controls Left Controls Left
Strafe Right d Controls Right Controls Right
Run ⇧ Left Shift Press Controls Press Controls When used while moving forward, will cause you to increase forward movement speed at the cost of increased stamina use, and over-rides 'Toggle Run' to on. A character may only run forwards; strafing and backpedaling speed will remain constant.
Toggle Run rightshift Press Controls Press Controls Will toggle whether run is on or off (I.E., whether you run or walk) upon input of 'Move Forward'. Can be used while standing still.
Hold To Walk Left Ctrl
Jump space Controls Controls Causes a character to jump up while stationary, and jump directionally when moving. also to ascend to surface when diving.
Crouch c Press Controls Controls Also used to descend while diving.
Leftay / Prone x Long Press Controls Long Press Controls Causes the player's character to lay down.

Xbox/PS4: One must release pressure after a pause. Also used to descend while diving.

Cam[edit source]

Action Default Key X-Box PlayStation Notes
Turn Right
Turn Left
Look Up
Look Down
Toggle Selfie Camera Right Ctrl
Change Camera k Hold Controls + Controls to '11'* Controls + Controls to '11'*
Camera Zoom In / First Person Mode Controls↑ scroll up Hold Controls and Controls to '10'* Controls
Camera Zoom Out / Third Person Mode Controls↓ scroll down Hold Controls and Controls to '10'* Controls
Toggle Perspective p

Misc[edit source]

Action Default Key X-Box PlayStation Notes
Additional Icon Info h Hold Controls Hold Controls
Upgrade Item u
Toggle Interface ← Backspace Hold Controls and Controls to '9'*
Inventory i Press Controls Press Controls
Use Hand e Controls Controls Activates the default action of an object, such as opening a door, climbing a ladder, or opening a storage box's inventory.
Access Someone Elses Inventory f Controls Controls Opens the inventory of any applicable object, such as crafting stations, storages, and unconscious or dead bodies. Also throws shoulder-mounted creatures when pressed twice. (Use r once when mounted.)
Use Hotbar 0-9 (top) Controls/Controls/Controls/Controls/Controls/Controls/Controls OR holdControls + Controls to '12'* through '9'* Controls, Controls + Controls/Controls/Controls/Controls Controls/Controls OR Hold Controls + Controls to '12'* through '9'* Uses item in the corresponding slot of your hotbar.
Map m ControlsOR HoldControls + Controls to '10'* Controls OR Hold Controls + Controls to '10'* Opens the character's in-game map.
Zoom in Map +
Zoom out Map -
Toggle Chat Tab ↹ Back'
Place Map Marker Unassigned
Defecate +
Toggle Console ~
Set Gamma 1 needs to be permitted from the Server and a value must be specified in the field below
Set Gamma 2 Unassigned needs to be permitted from the Server and a value must be specified in the field below
Emote Key 1 [ Hold Controls + Controls to '9'* Opens a further radial wheel for Emotes.
Emote Key 2 ] Hold Controls + Controls to '9'* Opens a further radial wheel for Emotes.
Push To Yell delete
Item Menu ? Hold Controls Hold Controls Opens the Items radial menu
Hide Chat / None; Accessible in Options None; Accessible in Options When on, chat box will disappear moments after the last message is sent.
Chat Global ↵ Enter Controls + Controls Controls + Controls Text chat with all players on the server
Chat Local insert None None Text chat with nearby players
Chat to Crew / Controls + Controls Text chat with Crewmates
Alliance Chat home None None
Company / Alliance left None None
Emotes Hold [ or ] Hold Controls + Controls to '9'* Opens a further radial wheel for Emotes.
Push to talk b None None Voice Chat

Feats[edit source]

Action Default Key X-Box PlayStation Notes
Show Feats g
Use Feat 1 f1
Use Feat 2 f2
Use Feat 3 f3
Use Feat 4 f4
Use Feat 5 f5
Use Feat 6 f6
Use Feat 7 f7
Use Feat 8 f8
Use Feat 9 f9
Use Feat 10 f10

Whistling[edit source]

Action Default Key X-Box PlayStation Notes
Whistles Menu ' Hold Controls Hold Controls Displays the whistle selection menu (PC) or whistle selection radial wheel (Xbox/PS4).
Follow All j Hold Controls + Controls to '12'* All Creatures and Crewmember within a certain radius will follow you.
Follow One t Hold Controls + Controls to '1'* The Creatures or Crewmember you are looking at will follow you.
Stop All u Hold Controls + Controls to '2'* All Creatures and Crewmember within a certain radius will stop following you.
Stop One y Hold Controls + Controls to '3'* The Creatures or Crewmember you are looking at will stop following you.
Aggressive None None None All Creatures or Crewmember within a certain radius will change their aggression level to Aggressive.

Xbox: This aggression level is on the whistle wheel, but this will actually cause the aggression level 'Attack My Target' to be set, and it is unknown if this is intended.

Attack My Target Hold Controls + Controls to '4'* All Creatures or Crewmember within a certain radius will change their aggression level to Attacking Your Target.
They will terminate their current attacks and will defend themselves if they are attacked, but will prioritize attacking whatever you attack.Xbox: Whistling 'aggressive' will actually cause this action to occur, and it is unknown if this is intended. This aggression setting does not actually have its own whistle.
Neutral - Hold Controls + Controls to '5'* All Creatures or Crewmember within a certain radius will change their aggression level to Neutral.
They will terminate all their current attacks but will continue to defend themselves if they are attacked again.
Passive ; Hold Controls + Controls to '6'* All Creatures or Crewmember within a certain radius will change their aggression level to Passive.
They will terminate all their current attacks and will not defend themselves if attacked further.
Attack This Target . Hold Controls + Controls to '7'* Hold Controls + Controls All Creatures or Crewmember within a certain radius will attack whatever target you are looking at. This whistle can be used while looking at a target through the Spyglass.
Move To Position , Controls+Controls Hold Controls + Controls All Creatures or Crewmember within a certain radius will move to the location you are looking at.
Cycle Target Follow Distance NumPad 0
Show Current Group h Displays chevrons above the Creatures or Crewmember that are in the currently active ordering group. Whistles will only affect the dinosaurs within range that are in the active ordering group.
Add/Remove To Group z The Creatures or Crewmember you are targeting is added to or removed from the currently active tame ordering group.
Toggle Active Group NumPad 0 - 9 Toggles the active ordering group. Press a NumPad key to activate the corresponding group and press again to remove active ordering groups and revert whistles to affect all tamed dinosaurs within range.

Combat Controls[edit source]

Action Default Key X-Box PlayStation Notes
Primary Fire leftmb Controls Controls Will cause the primary attack with a weapon or tool, such as shooting a projectile weapon or swinging a melee weapon.
Aim Down Sights/Alternative Fire rmb Controls Controls Will bring up the sights of a weapon, uses the alternate action of the object if one exists (such as the Grappling Hook un-spooling), or otherwise does nothing.
Toggle Fists q Controls + Controls Controls + Controls Toggle between fists and active item. Removes (or equips) item so that fists can be used.
Reload Weapon r Controls Controls Will manually trigger the reload animation to fill the magazine with available corresponding ammunition.
Drag Body g Controls Drag a dead or unconscious body.
Melee Attack (player) Left Ctrl Controls Controls Has the same effect as primary fire on a melee weapon, but will trigger a melee animation/attack with projectile weapons, if applicable.
Toggle Weapon Attachment n Controls x 2 Controls Will turn off or on a weapon's attachment (if applicable). If the weapon attachment is toggle-able, it will always be off by default.

Mounts[edit source]

Action Default Key X-Box PlayStation Notes
Primary Fire leftmb Controls Controls Windowsill use a creature's primary attack.
Alternate Fire rmb Controls Controls Windowsill use a creature's alternate attack/action if applicable, or will use primary fire if not.
Jump space Controls Controls Only some creatures -such as Raptors and Terror Birds- can use this command.
Land/ Take-off space Controls Controls Windowsith no other input, will cause the animal to land on a suitable, horizontal surface to land, and will cause the creature to launch and hover a few feet above ground to take-off, unless you are too heavy. (Flying creatures only).
Brake x (Not Customizable) None None Stop flying creature from flying forward.
Throw Shoulder Mount r / f x2 Controls x 2 Controls x 2 Throws shoulder-mounted creature (such as a Chicken, Monkey, Parrot, Rabbit or a Crow) while mounted. (Press f twice while unmounted.)
Aileron roll/3rd action c Press Controls PressControls Makes the Aileron roll Note: Some people may incorrectly refer to this with the popular term 'barrel roll,' rather than the proper (and markedly different) 'aileron roll.' or special Sound

While Sailing a Ship[edit source]

Action Default Key X-Box PlayStation Notes
Rotate sails leftshift + a / leftshift + s Only with Npc's equipped, used at the steering wheel
Open/close Sails w / s Only with Npc's equipped, used at the steering wheel
Add Throttle Forward w
Add Throttle Backward s
Add Steering Left a
Add Steering Right d
Ship Throttle Full Stop z
Ship Throttle Full Speed spacebar
Toggle All Gunports r
Reload All r
Hide Map Text Tab ↹
Fire Secondary Controls
Fire Tertiary Controls↑ scroll up
Fire Quaternary Controls↓ scroll down
Show All Group Icons h
Auto Aim Controls
Switch to next loaded Weapon Left Alt
Captain Order 1 c
Captain Order 2 v
Captain Order 3 Controls
Captain Order 4 Controls
Captain Order 5 n
Captain Order 6 ⇧ Right Shift
Captain Extra Action 1 o
Captain Extra Action 2 u
Captain Extra Action 3 j

While in Inventory[edit source]

Action Default Key X-Box PlayStation Notes
Drop Item o Controls Controls The currently highlighted object is dropped from the inventory into the game world.
Transfer Stack t Hold Controls Hold Controls The stack you hover over is transferred from one inventory currently being accessed to the other.
Transfer Half-Stack ⇧ Shift+t Press Controls + Hold Controls Half of the stack you hover over is transferred from one inventory currently being accessed to the other.
Transfer Item Ctrl+t Controls + Controls Controls+Controls One item from the stack you hover over is transferred from one inventory currently being accessed to the other.
Transfer Item leftmb×2 None None One item from the stack you double click is transferred from one inventory currently being accessed to the other.
Transfer Five Items ⇧ Shift+leftmb×2 None None Five items from the stack you double click are transferred from one inventory currently being accessed to the other.
Transfer Half-Stack Ctrl+leftmb×2 None None Half of the stack you double click is transferred from one inventory currently being accessed to the other.
Toggle Item Labels q Press Controls Press Controls Turns on/off labels on items.
Toggle to Craftables v None Controls While in your inventory, toggles to the craftables screen
Equip item ⇧ Shift + 0-9 None None Equip item in the selected slot of your hotbar
Unequip item control + 0-9 None None Unequip item from the selected slot of your hotbar
Repair Item e Press Controls Repair Item

NOTE: "Drop All" respects the filter. To drop all of a specifi item, use the inventory's search function so only the item you want to drop displays, and then hit "Drop all" and it will drop all of that item. (Example: berries from an elephant or giraffe)

Building[edit source]

Action Default Key X-Box PlayStation Notes
Flip Wall e Controls Controls Flips the direction of a wall before placing.
Snap point cycle q or z when placing an object Controls Controls Find the correct snap point when placing walls, floors, ceilings, fences, and other objects.

Toggle Language[edit | edit source]

If you do not want to play ATLAS in English you can easily change it while right mouse button on the gamename ATLAS in Steam go to Start option and write -culture=<subfolder> for e.g. -culture=de when you want to use German translation. It is not finished yet and sometimes it is deactivated.

Character Creation[edit | edit source]

Character Creation in ATLAS is purported to involve incredibly in-depth customization, with a vast array of sliders, morphs, muscle tones and tweakable values.

Tattoos[edit | edit source]

You can even per-pixel design your own permanent tattoos' in addition to the temporary war paint you can add in-game! Follow the Title for Instruction to make your own tattoo!

Growing[edit | edit source]

'Dynamic hair growth and real-time aging systems allow you to get old and... pass on your legacy? (or find a Fountain of Youth)'.

Dynamic Hair Growth Growing old Disciplines and Skills
Dynamic Hair Growth In ATLAS, your character's hair grows over time. You can trim it into various Hairstyles with Scissors.png Scissors, or let it flow free in the sea air - it's up to you! Growing old is a natural part of life, and that's no less true in the world of ATLAS. Your character will age over time, but the ability to find a partner and create offspring may represent the opportunity to pass on your legacy. Disciplines and Skills. The Skill tree and its 16 distinct disciplines give players new ways to customize their character long after leaving the Character Creation screen. With almost innumerable combinations of Stats, Skills, Disciplines and even stat-buffs from Amor and items, no two characters will be the same.

Note[edit | edit source]

Aging systems will be purely cosmetic at launch but will eventually gradually apply status effects to 'simulate the effects of time and requiring you to either find a fountain of youth or risk permadeath'. Grapeshot suggests that eventually a progeny system will allow you to mate with other players, creating babies which you raise until the age of 20, at which point you could 'body swap' into them and 'stave off death by becoming your own progeny'.

Character Stats[edit | edit source]

in ATLAS various Character Stats can be increased using points accrued through XP gain and leveling up. As players progress through the game, various activities such as harvesting resources, crafting and hunting afford your experience. As players hit XP milestones they progress through levels up to level cap of 101, and with each level will receive a point to spend on increasing whichever attribute (or stat) they choose. The level cap could be change time by time.

Different play styles will recommend different choices as players level up. For example, a player who focuses heavily on Crafting and Building may wish to spend a lot of points in Weight, to allow them to carry lots of Resources or Structures, or Intelligence to provide better crafted items. A player who enjoys the adventuring side of Atlas may choose to level Stamina and Movement Speed, to give them a better chance of outrunning dangers, or Health and Melee Damage, to help fight them off - or, of course, a balance of all four, plus a little weight for carting Armor and Weapons around. This ability to pick and choose what and how much to level gives players a great amount of freedom and allows for almost innumerable Builds, in the traditional sense.

Stat Health Icon.png Health[edit | edit source]

Health in ATLAS represents your total pool of available 'life'. As you take damage, whether from violent attacks or from hunger, thirst, environmental danger or some other threat, this pool depletes until it reaches 0, at which point you are dead and must Respawn. Once your Health is below 30 HP, you will become Injured, and will move much slower and cannot jump. Health regenerates passively as long as your Food and Water stats are not depleted.

Increasing Your Health Attribute[edit | edit source]

Putting one skill point into Health will increase your maximum Health by 3.

Health Regeneration[edit | edit source]

You can drink some Milk.png Milk and get a little Buff to increase your health. Some Food are better to heal you too like Tara Nostri Treat.png Tara Nostri Treat. If you have tamed a Monkey they give you a Buff too and heals you by the time he sit on your shoulder.

Stat Stamina Icon.png Stamina[edit | edit source]

Stamina in ATLAS is a measure of the physical energy available to you, and permits such actions as sprinting, jumping, swimming, harvesting and melee attacks. Stamina regenerates passively once you desist Stamina-depleting actions.

Increasing Your Stamina Attribute[edit | edit source]

Putting one skill point into Stamina will increase your maximum Stamina by 10.

Stamina Regeneration[edit | edit source]

Your Stamina will regenerate passively whenever you stop running/jumping/hitting etc., but will not regenerate if you are Injured(below 30 HP). You need to heal first to regenarte Stamina again. If your Food or Water levels are at 0, your Stamina regenerate will be vastly slowed.

Oxygen[edit | edit source]

The value of your Oxygen Attribute in ATLAS denotes how long you may remain underwater without beginning to drown, as well as how fast you move in the water.

Fully submerging in water will cause you to drain Oxygen over time until you either surface, at which point the Oxygen stat will regenerate until you re-submerge, or begin to Suffocate when your Oxygen reaches 0. Once you are suffocating, your Health will begin to drain rapidly until you either surface, or die.

Increasing Your Oxygen Attribute[edit | edit source]

Putting one skill point into Oxygen will increase your maximum Oxygen by 10. The other way is to focus on the skill Oxygen Reduction Rate in the skill Survivalism Survivalism Icon InGame tree . Or use Diving Attachment to get a drive around in the sea. If you like to use tamed Creatures, you need to take a Seagull with you to get an swim speed and Oxygen buff.

Stat Food Icon.png Food[edit | edit source]

Food in ATLAS is a measure of how well fed you are - food drains over time and must be replenished by eating (Food Items). Once your Food reaches 0, you will begin to Starve, which will increase your Torpidity and drain your Health.

The regeneration of Stamina causes Food to drain at a faster rate, as does being Cold.

Increasing Your Food Attribute[edit | edit source]

Putting one skill point into Food will increase your maximum Food by 10.

Better Food[edit | edit source]

If you want to eat Food with buff to heal you or your friends then you need to try the Cooking Discipline.

Stat Water Icon.png Water[edit | edit source]

Water in ATLAS is a measure of how well hydrated you are. Water drains over time and must be replenished by drinking. Once your Water reaches 0, you will become Dehydrated, which will increase your Torpidity and drain your Health.

The regeneration of Stamina causes Water to drain at a faster rate, as does being Hot.

Increasing Your Water Attribute[edit | edit source]

Putting one skill point into Water will increase your maximum Water by 10.

Water Regeneration[edit | edit source]

Take a look lower in Survival / Water

Stat Weight Icon.png Weight[edit | edit source]

Weight in ATLAS is a representation of your total carrying capacity. Every item has a weight value, and if the items in your Inventory, including equipped Armor, Weapons and Tools combine to too great a weight, your movement will slow down or even stop. Once your Weight is at roughly 85% of your total Weight capacity, you will become Encumbered, slowing your movement speed and preventing you from jumping. Once your Weight reaches or exceeds your total Weight capacity, you will be unable to move at all until you drop items to reduce your Weight.

Increasing Your Weight Attribute[edit | edit source]

Putting one skill point into Weight will increase your maximum Weight by 14.

More Weight[edit | edit source]

If you need to carry more weight with you, you need to tame bigger Creatures (Elephant or Giraffe for Wood, a Bear for fiber and a Rhino for Metal)

Melee Damage[edit | edit source]

Melee Damage in ATLAS is a measure of the amount of damage dealt when using a melee attack, and of yield when harvesting renewable Resources by hand/with a Tools. The higher your melee, the more damage you deal when using a Melee Attack, and the more resources you get when harvesting from environmental features such as rocks or trees.

Melee Damage is applied as a multiplier of the Base Damage of the Tool in use.

Increasing Your Melee Damage Attribute[edit | edit source]

Putting one skill point into Melee Damage will increase your maximum Melee Damage by 10.

Increasing your Melee Damage[edit | edit source]

You also could focus Skill tree to increase your Melee Damage If you want to increase your Melee Damage to get more resources you also can focus on the skill Basic Higher Hand-Harvesting Yield in the Survivalism Survivalism Icon InGame skill Tree The other way is to use tamed Creatures to harvest resources or to fight. Creatures have naturally more damage than the player (we not take a closer look to farming fibers. In this point we have not the perfect creature. You get a lot more resources if you need a Metal Pick.png Metal Pick.)

Movement Speed[edit | edit source]

Movement Speed in ATLAS governs how quickly you can move, both at walking pace and while sprinting. The higher you level your movement speed, the faster you'll be able to walk/run, and the less stamina you'll use while moving around.

Weight also has an effect on your movement speed: if you are encumbered, you will move slower than you would normally.

Increasing Your Movement Speed Attribute[edit | edit source]

Putting one skill point into Movement Speed will increase your maximum Movement Speed by 10.

Increasing your Movement Speed[edit | edit source]

The other way to move faster is to use tamed Creatures. (An Ostrich, a Horse, a Lion or a Tiger are really fast. Other Creatures need to increase to movement speed by level or need to focus on the Stamina skill to walk longer in speed)

Stat Intelligence Icon.png Intelligence[edit | edit source]

Intelligence in ATLAS affects how quickly and with what quality your character crafts items such as Tools, Weapons and Armor. Reduces cool downs on Feats.

Increasing Your Intelligence Attribute[edit | edit source]

Putting one skill point into Intelligence will increase your maximum Intelligence by 10.

Increasing Your Intelligence[edit | edit source]

If you do not want to use your skill points to increase your intelligence you can tame a Crow. You will get an intelligence buff.

Stat Fortitude Icon.png Fortitude[edit | edit source]

Fortitude in ATLAS measures your resistance against the Weather, Torpidity and Disease. The higher your Fortitude, the higher your natural hypo- and hyperthermal insulation values. The effects of Hypothermia and Hyperthermia are also lessened on you should you succumb to them, and your resistance to Torpidity-increasing effects such as being stung by a Scorpion, Rattlesnake, Cobra, Ant or Bee is increased.

Increasing Your Fortitude Attribute[edit | edit source]

Putting one skill point into Fortitude will increase your maximum Fortitude by 10.

Increasing Your Fortitude[edit | edit source]

With some Cooked Food or use tamed Creatures like sitting on a Wolf or an Ostrich. Take a tamed Creature on your shoulder like Parrot An Penguin reduce the cold with an AoE. You do not need to take the Penguin with you in your hands nor you can not ride them.

Torpidity[edit | edit source]

Torpidity is a measure of weariness in ATLAS. Once your Torpidity reaches 100%, you will fall unconscious You are unable to move and can not access the inventory. Once your Torpidity drains, you will awaken, but if the circumstance which caused the rise in Torpidity is not rectified (such as Dehydration), you will fall unconscious again once your Torpor reaches 100% once more.

Torpidity dealt as a result of a hostile attack or bite is directly proportional to the amount of damage dealt (for example, where head-shots provide a damage multiplier, they also provide a Torpidity multiplier, and where a Weapons deals higher Damage, it will also deal high Torpor).

You also could get Torpidity by Creatures if you being stung by a Scorpion, Rattlesnake, Cobra, Ant or Bee.

If you Torpor is reached the maximum you will lay down and going to sleep. In this time you can not do anything. Your lucky if you Creatures takes care of you while it's on the state attack your target. If not you see that you being eating and your creature too. An another player could help you and watch over you in this time you need to wake up again.

Your Creatures have the Torpidity stats too. If it get too much damage from other Creatures like Scorpion, Rattlesnake, Cobra, Ant or Bee or you exhausted your mount too much they going to get a lot of damage.

Increasing Your Torpidity Attribute[edit | edit source]

Putting one skill point into Torpidity will increase your maximum Torpidity by 10.

Status Effects[edit | edit source]

Status Effects in ATLAS are buffs and de-buffs applied to your character according to various circumstances, such as extreme temperatures without the appropriate attire, lack of food or water or a deficiency in Vitamins, among other things.

Some Status Effects may be of benefit, while others will hinder your progress until you remedy the problem or, in some cases, it times out.

All Status Effects in ATLAS

Condition Starved.png
If you don't eat enough food/consumables you will begin to starve. The effects of starvation are similar to those of dehydration, overhydration or overfeed, including slowed stamina regen, decreasing health, rising torpor and eventually death. It is similar with the Monkey maybe it heal you in the time you need to get new food.
Condition Over Eated.png
Eating too much causes... You get some damage in this time. It is possible you could die if the debuff takes too long. Sometimes a Monkey could heal you over the time and get you alive. The effects are the same how starved and overhydrated or dehydrated.
Condition Over Drinked.png
If you drink too much water, milk, cocoa or other drink like ale... You get some damage in this time. It is possible you could die if the debuff takes too long. Sometimes a Monkey could heal you over the time and get you alive. The effects are the same how starved, dehydrated and overfeed.
Condition Dehydrated.png
Not drinking enough water will cause dehydration. Your character's stamina regeneration will be slowed drastically and you won't replenish health while dehydrated. While dehydrated, your torpor will continually rise until you pass out, and your health will continually drain until you die (usually after the second time of falling unconscious, depending how high your health stat is). Sometimes a Monkey could heal you over the time and get you alive. The effects are the same how starved, overhydrated and overfeed.
Food Poisoning
Condition Food Poisoning.png
Eating too much of one type or group of food will lead to Food Poisoning (or Vitamin Poisoning). Similar to Vitamin Deficiency, Food Poisoning will give a blurred vision screen effect, and will cause you to pass out and eventually die. Sometimes a Monkey could heal you over the time and get you alive.
Condition Injured.png
Your health is very low. You cannot jump or sprint and must regenerate health. A tamed Monkey could heal you over the time.
Condition Encumbered.png
You are carrying too much weight - you are slowed, or if at your full weight capacity, unable to move. Drop some unused stuff with o in the inventory. Split it and gave it to a Company Member or give it an tamed Creature.
Condition Suffocating.png
When you are too long under water
Condition Tranquilized.png
You have been tranquilized. If your torpor reaches 30%. You will be rendered unconscious until it drains back to 0.
Condition Hot.png
You are too hot. Your water and stamina drain faster. You can go into the water to get wet to redurce the hot debuff. Or ride a Ostrich.
Hyperthermia Overheating
Condition Hyperthermia Overheating.png
You are overheating badly. If you spend too long in extreme heat you will be subject to a persistent effect with blurred vision, increased water drain and slowed stamina regen. Lasts for [how long?] after getting somewhere cooler. You can go into the water to get wet to redurce the hot debuff. Or ride a Ostrich.
Condition Farsight.png
You get the debuff if you take too much time in overheating or hot state It passed away after a time when you do not have the debuff.
Condition Wet.png
You are wet and are more susceptible to the Cold. A Campfire or a Torch reduce the Wet status
Condition Cold.png
You are too cold. Your food drain and stamina use is increased. You need to go in a house, put on a Campfire or a Torch, attach some Fur Amor or ride a Wolf or standing near a Penguin
Hyperthermia Freezing
Condition Hypothermia Freezing.png
You are freezing. Your food and stamina drain is increased drastically. Your health will slowly decrease unless you find a way to warm up. You are suffering from hypothermia. Slowed By Cold You need to go in a house, put on a Campfire or a Torch, attach some Fur Amor or ride a Wolf or standing near a Penguin
Slowed By Cold
Condition Slowed By Cold.png
You are slowed by the cold. You move slower [and stamina regen is decreased?]. You need to go in a house, put on a Campfire or a Torch, attach some Fur Amor or ride a Wolf or standing near a Penguin
Glider Wings
Condition Glider Wings.png
While you flying with the Glider Wings
Tropical Island
Condition TropicalIsland.png
This Effect appairs by a baby in the Breeding time. It means that your baby is too hot and you need to cool them
Freezing Island
Condition Ice Island.png
This Effect appairs by a baby in the Breeding time. It means that your baby is too cold and you need to heat them A lot of Campfire or Penguin could help you to warm your baby up.
Taming Feeding Avinity
Condition Taming Feeding Afinnity.png
While feed by Taming a creature.
Darkness Blindness
Condition Darkness Blindness.png
It is too dark to see. You need to attach a Torch or a Lantern
Condition Crouching.png
You are crouched down. Press c again to stand up
Condition Prone.png
You are prone, laying flat on the ground. Press x again to stand up
In Combat
Condition In Combat.png
You are in Combat status. If you or a Crewmember, tamed Creatures or company member in the near are in fight this state will appair Defeat the danger or run away
Condition Shocked.png
You have been given an electric shock and are dazed. By an
Condition Winded.png
You are running out of stamina and need to stop moving. If you do not stop moving you get the Exhaustet state
Condition Exhausted.png
You have run out of stamina and are too tired to keep moving. Stop and regain stamina or you will pass out. If you do not stop moving you will incrase your torpidity
Condition Stunned.png
You have been stunned. Hopefully some friendly people are in the near and knock the enemy out.
Condition Charmed.png
You have been Charmed.
Knocked Out
Condition KO.png
You have been rendered unconscious and must wait to wake up.
Increased Reload Speed Buff
Condition Increased Reload Speed.png
You have an active buff which gives you the ability to reload your weapons faster. Take it from Lucky Loader Feat from the Firearms skill tree.
Increased Repair Speed Buff
Condition Increased Repair Speed.png
You have an active buff which gives you the ability to repair Structures more quickly.
Equilibrium / Full Vitamins
StatusEffects Equilibrium.png
Keeping your Vitamins balanced and full will keep you healthy, and if you can maintain it, you will gain stat bonuses such as increased fortitude or movement speed.

Remember that neglecting your Vitamins balance will lead to Vitamin Deficiency. || Take care that you eat the needed Vitamins. If you not hungry enough do something to reduce your stamina. (Dancing, running, farming.) In the time the Stamina regain you will get hungry again.

Vitamin A Levels The state of your Vitamin A levels are denoted by these symbols, from very high to very low (L-R). Eat too much is the same debuff like eat not enough Vitamin A.
Vitamin B Levels The state of your Vitamin B levels are denoted by these symbols, from very high to very low (L-R). Eat too much is the same debuff like eat not enough Vitamin B.
Vitamin C Levels The state of your Vitamin C levels are denoted by these symbols, from very high to very low (L-R). Eat too much is the same debuff like eat not enough Vitamin C.
Vitamin D Levels The state of your Vitamin D levels are denoted by these symbols, from very high to very low (L-R). Eat too much is the same debuff like eat not enough Vitamin D.

Survival[edit | edit source]

Survival in ATLAS covers all the points you'll need to be aware of in order to succeed in surviving the seas and islands of ATLAS.

In addition to the simple elements of survival as seen in ATLAS, such as keeping one's character fed, watered and warm enough, ATLAS introduces further survival elements, such as vitamin benefits and deficiencies - watch out, you don't want to develop the ol' sailor's disease, Scurvy!

Food[edit | edit source]

You're going to get hungry. The first way you're going to find food is by picking berries, fruits & vegetables. (Use e when walking to fruit & berry bushes to pick them.) Eventually you'll have weapons so you can go hunting and fishing. To eat an item, place it in your hotbar and activate it with a number key. You'll eat it and notice the effects within seconds. Be sure that you don't eat too much. Overeating will damage your health.

Notice that food spoils. (rapidly.) You must cook meat to eat it without getting sick. You should basically pick/kill only what you can eat so that you don't make your home barren and let it all spoil. Each piece of food has a 'spoiliage timer' which you can see by hovering over the food's icon with your mouse. You can cook meat in the Campfire.png campfire to make it better to eat and it will increase it's lifetime. Food will spoil even when you're offline. Use some Food Larder.png Food Larder, Preserving Bag.png Preserving Bag or Feeding Trough.png Feeding Trough to increase a little the despoil Time.

Cooked Food will get you a lot more of vitamin than normal Cooked Meat.png Cooked Meat will do.

Water[edit | edit source]

Hydration in ATLAS

You are rewarded with water!

Water can be found by digging in lush green areas, Fresh Water Pools, Water Barrels, Stone Water Reservoir.png Stone Water Reservoir with and more. There are a few ways to rehydrate yourself:

  • To drink water from the ground, lay face down in a lush green area (Press x ) and click on the ground to toggle the digging minigame. During the minigame, you'll need to try and get the bouncing cursor within the white section of the line. Get the cursor within the white bar three times and a waterspout will appear on the ground. A perfect waterspout will produce 60 units of water. Once the waterspout is drained, the ground will be drained of water and players will have to move to a new area to dig another hole.
  • Swimming into a fresh water pond or other body of fresh water as rivers or lakes, and fill your Waterskin.png Waterskins from them. (i.e.: NOT the ocean ) will automatically fill your hydration meter.
  • You can collect, store, and drink fresh water in a Waterskin.png Waterskin. See how to use a Waterskin.png Waterskin for details.
  • Or collect them in Barrel.png Barrel
  • If it is raining you can use your Waterskin.png Waterskins or else to fill it up
  • Incrase your hydration with Milk.png Milk or other Drink like Ale.png Ale etc. is also possible

Vitamins[edit | edit source]

Vitamin Graph

Alongside your Food and Water, you must also keep close watch on your Vitamin depletion levels. There are four types of Vitamins that need to be kept topped up: Vegetable Vitamins (pale green bar) Vitamin A.png A, and Proteins (purple bar)Vitamin B.png B, Fruit Vitamins (orange bar) Vitamin C.png C, Fish Vitamins (blue or teal bar)Vitamin D.png D, such as cooked meats. You must keep these bars from emptying out but be careful too not to overfill any of your Vitamin bars, as this can also make you unwell, causing Health Point damage similar to Starvation or Dehydration. See Items for more information. You'll need to consume proper amounts of vitamins A, B, C, and D. Foods will be marked by colored arrows to indicate what vitamins they give. Having too many or too little vitamins will damage the player. You can monitor your vitamin levels by viewing the little graph icon on the right of your screen. Arrows will show you that your nutrition of a particular vitamin is increasing directly after eating something. When the background of the bar graph is colored green, you have a good balance of nutrition.

Eating too much of one Vitamin will get you the same debuff as eating not enough.

Keeping your character fed is a vital aspect of Survival in ATLAS. When your Food Attribute drops to 0, you will begin to Starve, and must eat food items to replenish it. Be careful to eat a variety of foods to ensure you keep your Vitamins balanced. See Items for more information. You can also focus on Cooking to get better Food

Keeping Warm/Cooling Down[edit | edit source]

It is important to keep an eye on your environment and dress accordingly. If you are too hot or cold, your character's Food and Water attributes (respectively) will drain faster. Wear warmer Armor in cold places, and heat mitigating Armor in hot places, to keep your character comfortable.

Hostile Creatures[edit | edit source]

In addition to surviving the environment, you must also beware of Creatures with ill intent. While some creatures are passive and will flee if attacked, and others will ignore you until attacked, at which point they will defend themselves, yet others will simply attack you on sight. Stay aware and make sure you know the dangers ahead of you on your voyages, and prepare appropriately!

Environmental Hazards[edit | edit source]

Hazards such as Tornadoes and Waterspouts have been known to terrorize the Sailors and Adventurers of ATLAS, so beware and make sure you have all possible defenses in place - including a respawn point on your Ship or at your Fort, should the worst happen!

If you have no luck your Tamed Creatures will be sucked by the storm and fly away.

Watch out that your Ship is well repaired. Else it could sink after get some damage from the storm.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Skills in ATLAS give players a vast skill tree of over 331 different skills to unlock and upgrade, allowing for almost innumerable options in creating your perfect build. Skills can be unlocked as you level up. Some Skills provide packs of Craftables, with a number of recipes for different Structures, Weapons, Armor etc., while others provide passive buffs such as a 20% damage boost with bows etc.

These skills are organized into 16 different disciplines

To learn new skills you need to increase your level. When you have got a new level the big (XP) on the right site from your HUD is blinking and a green text appairs on the top of your HUD. Open your Inventory with i. After hitting one skill point in the stat you need (Health, Weight etc.) you will able to set an skill point on the skill tree you want.

At the beginning of the game, only the Survivalism discipline is unlocked. All other disciplines have to be unlocked by unlocking the relevant skill, except Tarot .

Players may respec their skills once per level. You currently can not move feats around on your hotbar, rebinding the key is necessary.

If you want to check possible build with you aktually skill points you could check this Atlas Calculator site.

Leveling[edit | edit source]

How to Gain Experience ("XP")[edit source]

The player gains XP by exploring, gathering, and hunting. When you gain enough XP, you'll also gain a level, or "level up".

Character XP progress bar

You can see your progress of earning XP between levels in the Inventory window by pressing i, or keeping an eye on the "XP" icon on the bottom right of your screen. When you hunt, you gain XP by harming animals and harvesting resources. Harming Predator creatures (carnivorous), gives more XP than the herbivores. Digging up Treasure Chests also gives XP. When you explore and discover new islands an XP boost is given for each new island discovered. The Spear.png Spear does more damage to players and animals than fists, but have a chance of breaking. Tin.png Metal tools will have higher durability and harvest rates, but requires the Smithy.png Smithy to craft. If you start out in a Freeport, once the player hits level 8, XP gets capped and the player must leave the Freeport regions to advance further.

Learning Skills[edit source]

Upgradable character stats

For each new level you achieve, you'll be able to upgrade some of your character's Stats (Health, Stamina, Fortitude, Weight and Intelligence.) Clicking one of these icons when they're "glowing" will allow you to increase your maximum capacity in whichever you choose (ex: You can increase how many health points you have when fully healthy). Raising a level also gives Skill Points (see below table for amounts), which them you'll be able to choose a new skill (or more) on the Skills tab.

Planning Your Skills[edit source]

Choose your Skills wisely when leveling up. Most skills after the first level require a previous skill to be unlocked, and it's important to plan ahead. For example, you need to learn Tools Of The Trade before you can learn Archery Unlock and the Archery skill is required to unlock ability to make Archery & Throwing Weapons. Sometimes it's smarter to save your skill points for the next level, in case your desired path costs more than you have earned at your current level.

Hovering over a skill icon (even when it's dark) in the Skills tab will provide more information about what you can do with the skill, and help you plan the path of your character. You can also use the calculator at Atlas Calculator (**note: this tool is slightly out of date**) to plan your upgrade path ahead of time.

If you want to change your Skills after you have already learned them, you need to respec.

Leveling after LVL8[edit source]

On most servers, (some unofficial servers have this turned off) you will need to explore the world and find another island once you achieve level 8. You won't be able to continue earning XP after that, if you stay in the Freeport area.

Depending on your level you earn different amount of Skill points per level:

Level SP Gain/level Notes Fast Methods
1 1 Can be earned in Freeport Set the Point in Survivalism harvest and build basic stuff
2 - 8 3 Can be earned in Freeport With level 4 you've enough skill points to skill Archery & Throwing Weapons after that you need to skill the Basics of the bow.
Now you can craft Bow.png Bow and Stone Arrow.png Stone Arrow . Now you need to kill Alpha Animals
9 - 10 3 Cannot be earned in Freeports Killing Alpha Animals
11 - 21 4 Cannot be earned in Freeports Killing Alpha Animals
22 - 31 5 Cannot be earned in Freeports Killing more Alpha Animals or find and fight Treasure
32 - 41 6 Cannot be earned in Freeports Killing more Alpha Animals or find and fight Treasure
42 - 51 7 Cannot be earned in Freeports Killing more Alpha Animals or find and fight Treasure
52 - 120 8 Cannot be earned in Freeports

Discovery Points for Leveling after 52[edit source]

Level Points
52 44
53 47
54 71
55 94
56 118
57 141
58 164
59 188
60 211
61 235
62 258
63 281
64 305
65 328
66 352
67 375
68 398
69 422
70 445
71 469
72 492
73 516
74 541
75 565
76 ?
77 ?
78 ?
79 ?
80 ?
81 ?
82 727
83 ?
84 ?
85 ?
86 820
87 ?
88 866
89 890
90 913
91 1582
92 ?
93 ?
94 ?
95 ?
96 ?
97 ?
98 ?
99 ?
100 ?
101 ?

Resources[edit | edit source]

To get started, you need to collect resources to survive. You'll need them to build tools, structures, and sailing vessels. You can collect Wood.png Wood and Thatch.png thatch by punching trees. Pick up rocks from the ground by pressing e to collect Stone.png stone. You can use these to craft some tools to make it easier to gather more resources. Some tools have better harvesting efficiency for certain resource types. Stone Pick.png Stone Pick are better for harvesting Flint.png Flint and Animal Meat.png Animal Meat, but also will harvest more Thatch.png thatch than Wood.png Wood when using them on trees. Stone Hatchet.png Stone Hatchet are better for Wood.png wood and Skin.png hide. Many resources can fill as substitutes for resource types (ex: Cotton.png cotton or Jute.png jute are also considered a Cotton.png fiber resource). Holding h while looking at a resource will show a HUD of what resources come from that resource node.

Companies[edit | edit source]

Companies are the guild/tribe/faction equivalent of ATLAS. Group up with other players to create a company or join an existing one. Discord is recommended. Or make your own Companie with your friends.

Zones[edit | edit source]

Freeports[edit | edit source]

You begin on one of 4 islands called a Freeport. These are the intended starting area in the game and are relatively easy than the rest of the game. PVP is disabled in Freeports even on PVP servers. On most servers you can't progress past level 8 in a Freeport (some unofficial servers have this turned off). The carnivores are not as challenging and the resources are more plentiful. See Freeports for more information.

Lawless Zones[edit | edit source]

Lawless Zones are the zones outside of the Freeport islands. They are PVP-enabled (on PVP servers) and hostile territories. Players cannot claim land in these zones. Players beginning in Lawless zones must build a tiny Tiny Shipyard before they can craft a raft.

Claimable Zones[edit | edit source]

Are every Zone that are not Boss Zones, Lawless Zones or Freeports. Use your feat Claiming Flag to place your Flag in the Ground and make a little space yours. Press h for more information. A lot of places are claimed. If you see another Claim Flag go to there to see that contest is possible.

Caves and Boss Zones[edit | edit source]

In the end you need to visit the Fountain of Youth to get younger. The Fountain could be found in some Caves. They are dangerous places with high level Creatures. You can not claim the territory nor you can tame some of the Creatures here.

If you go to search the Power Stones You need to visit the caves too. In the end you need to fight the Bosses inside the Caves. Good luck!

Discovery[edit | edit source]

In all the places you can collect Discovery Zones and Points to increase your maximum level and to get a lot of XP. And a small XP buff for some seconds.

Waterways[edit | edit source]

Look a little lower to see what you could find on the Ocean.

Life Goals[edit | edit source]

This is a tough survival game. You are surely going to die a lot in the start, respawning to a random area of your home zone. There are two things you can do to mitigate the effects of dying.

  • Building a storage box in order to store stuff that can't be taken by other players or lost to decay.
  • Get a working bed so you don't spawn randomly, but instead spawn at a known location. Note, beds must be on a ship that is not in shallow water in your home zone, or in a base built on claimed land. And since you cannot claim land in the starting zone, that means leaving your starting island. (Although a few players just accept the random spawn and make a home where they start. Lawless zones do not have a level cap, as the Freeports do. But are much harder to survive in.)

So you are going to want to gather resources, gain levels, unlock better skills, and build a box, then a raft.

To get started on gaining resources, pick up loose rocks from the beach. These are some type of Stone.png Stone. Then gather from saplings, thin trees about 12 ft/3m high. From these you can gather Wood.png Wood and Thatch.png Thatch. Also gather from the underbrush to get Cotton.png Fibers. If you cannot find stone and wood by gathering, you can always punch rocks and full sized trees. This hurts you and is slow to deliver, but will eventually get you what you need.

Then you can build a stone pick with the first still in Survivalism, called The Basics. With that you can gather Flint.png Flint and Wood.png Wood to make a stone axe. And now you have tools to gather resources. You are well on your way toward becoming a pirate...if you can survive the wildlife. Archery is a powerful form of attack early on, so highly recommended.

If you are going solo, then you need the following skills to get off the island: The Basics then Construction, from this new skill tree, you can unlock Seamanship by first taking Basics of Building, Weaving, and Secrets of Building. In Seamanship, you take Sailing and you have unlocked the Tiny Shipyard.png Tiny Shipyard and the Raft.png Raft. You might try all sorts of skills to round out your survival experience, but Advanced Tools allows you to make a Metal Pick.png Metal Pick and Metal Hatchet.png Metal Hatchet, which give a huge bonus to resource collection.

And, of course, you could always team up with others, form a company. Skill specialization works great for small and large groups.

Note: Fists do more damage to creatures and players than tools do. It is recommended to fight with either fists or weapons (spears, bow, etc.)

Builds[edit | edit source]

Builds for MMO Game Atlas are suggested combinations of Disciplines and Skills, perhaps also with suggestions for Armor, Weapons and even mounts or ship styles. Different builds permit different play styles and will appeal to different players, so try out a few until you find one that fits - or add your own if you think you've come up with a great combination!

"If someone exists in the real world, they should be create-able in ATLAS!"

Your First Raft[edit | edit source]

Whether you get a raft for half price through a Shipyard NPC in a Freeport region or build your own at your Tiny Shipyard, it can take a little practice getting used to making your raft go where you want. It is important to recognize that you have no rudder on your raft, and that the raft simply turns in the direction of the sail. The second thing to notice is that you can select how much of the sail is in use by 10% increments, or going full open or full close. The raft icon on your screen has a couple symbols to pay attention to: an incomplete circle (like a capital C) and an arrow. The open circle represents the direction your sail is facing. The arrow displays the direction the wind is blowing, while the length of the arrow gives you an idea for how hard the wind is blowing. That's all you've got to control this thing. Seems simple enough? Turn the sail so it catches the wind and you'll notice the open circle turn green in color. The more the angle turns away from catching the wind, the more the open circle will change color, from green to yellow, yellow to orange, and finally to red. You'll find yourself at a dead stop if the icon is red. You're ready to set out on the sea, to explore a distant land, or meet up with friends in the next region over. But wait...the wind is blowing the opposite direction of where you want to go! With no rudder, how can you possibly travel to your destination? In reality, if you were to turn your sail backwards, the wind would simply and awkwardly push your watercraft backwards. In Atlas, however, a Raft always must travel forward when its sail catches wind, even if the sail is backwards. Let's say the wind is blowing directly at the front of your raft. You set your sail to 157.5, almost all the way backwards to the right. As the sail rotates around to catch the wind, your raft will begin to accelerate forward, into the wind, as it slowly makes a wide right turn in order for the raft to swing around and face the same direction as the sail. Around the time the wind arrow has reached 135 degrees (back right), you should now change your sail to -157.5, almost backwards to the left side. As your sail rotates around to the left side, there are a few seconds where your speed drops to nothing. Moments later, however, the backwards turned sail will catch the wind once again, and your raft will launch forward once more, slowly turning left in an effort to match the sail. Around the same angle (45 degrees left of straight back, or back-left) cut the sail around to the right again. By zig-zagging left and right across the wind like this, you are essentially traveling in the direction you originally intended, just with minor deviations in angle and speed as you go. This method is faster than the traditional method of simply trying to find the best angle possible and sailing upwind, going way out of your way, then to come back in at another angle. Keep in mind that if the wind is not blowing directly against your raft, then the angle you need to change your sail to the other side will differ from the 135 / -135 degree marks. With some practice under your belt, you'll become a rafting pro in no time.

Your first Home building[edit | edit source]

Start with the Basics of Building from the Construction & Mercantilism Skill tree to build some Thatch Floor.png Thatch Floor to get a foundation for your house. After setting the floor in the style you want you can place some Thatch Wall.png Thatch Wall to make some rooms. Do not forget to press t when you set Thatch Wall.png Thatch Wall to change the style to place a Thatch Door.png Thatch Door. After you have finish the room you need to place Thatch Ceiling.png Thatch Ceiling or Thatch Roof.png Thatch Roof to build a roof. You need a roof otherwise other player and Creatures will visit you in your buildings. With Thatch Ceiling.png Thatch Ceiling you can build a second floor to increase your buildings in the high. If you want to build a larger place with different high in the ground you need to build pillar. You get some Wood Pillar.png Wood Pillar from the Secrets of Building Skill from the same skill tree. Place some Wood Pillar.png Wood Pillar and continue with the floor. Do the same like thatch building to build your home. After finished the wood building you can upgrade to stone if you wish. you can use Thatch, Wood and Stone to make different building styles.

  • Stone can take the most damage from Creatures or other players and their Weapons.
  • If you want to hide your pillar you can easily build some walls around them.
    • Do not forget to use some Doors. Sometimes treasure bottles spawn under the Foundation, mostly when you build in the near or over water.
  • Watch out that you tamed Creatures could glitch into to floor, mostly after restart from the server.
    • We are whistle our tamed Creatures on the floor without pillars and most in the near the ground.
  • Sometimes you can not place more floor.

Travel around the World[edit | edit source]

Use your Raft to reach your destination...finally! You pull up to the shore and hop off, not giving your exit strategy a moment of thought. Later on, you go to pull away from land and it feels like your raft has lost its ability to turn. You watch in anguish as your beloved raft scrapes along the rocks, other player's shipyard, other rafts, etc. If you're truly unlucky, your raft will get itself stuck. You've tried turning your raft in both directions, with different amount of sail in use, but it will not break free. Don't panic! Give your sail 10% and turn the sail in the direction you want to turn. The key here is to NOT catch the wind. Keep the open circle red, and your raft will turn in place, allowing you to get out of almost any scrape you get into.