Fur Boots

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Fur Boots
Fur Boots.png
Provides significant physical protection. Also keeps your temperature up, so long as it stays dry.
Type Armor
Armor rating 35
Cold protection 14
Heat protection -30
Weight 4.2
Added in v1.0
Skill Tree Armory
Crafted in Tannery.png Tannery
Resources breakdown
14 × Cotton.png Fibers
20 × Skin.png Hide

The Fur Boots is an wearable item.

The Fur Boots is a torso-slot armor piece from the third tier of Armors, Fur Armor.

Usage[edit | edit source]

A Fur Boots provides both an armor bonus vs damage (attacks/falling) and an insulation bonus vs the elements (heat/cold).

See the parent page on Armor for details and a comparison of all armor types.