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Freeports in the North, South, East & West

When you create your character, you will be asked if you want to spawn on an island in the North, West, East or South. The islands are identical except for their geographical orientation. Each is rotated 90 degrees from the other. (Hint: This is important when searching for treasure using a Treasure map.) They are also the centermost islands in the world

Freeports are the intended starting area in the game and are relatively easier than the rest of the game. PVP is disabled in Freeports and on most servers, you can't progress past level 8 while in a Freeport (some unofficial servers have this turned off). Also, the carnivorous animals are not as challenging and the resources are more plentiful. The objective on the starter island is to farm the supplies to build a Raft.png Raft or Sloop.png Ramshackle Sloop and bring enough food to make the journey to another island. You can talk to the Ferryman NPC on the dock to travel between the four freeport islands if you decide you don't like yours.

The Shipyardsman in the only town in the Freeport takes your supplies in exchange for a Raft.png Raft or a Sloop.png Ramshackle Sloop. It is advised to build a Simple Bed.png Simple Bed to place on your new sailing vessel in case you die during your travels. This will allow you to respawn on your ship. When you have a ship, it is wise to leave the Freeport region as soon as possible. Ships will decay much faster than in regular zones. A ramshackle sloop will decay in less than 24 hours without repair.

Decay times:

Sloop - 6 dmg/min

Schooner - 7 dmg/min

Brig - 8 dmg/min

Galleon - 10 dmg/min

Later you can return to the freeports to stock up on crew for 5 gold each at the crew recruiter and you can spend your precious gold at the cosmetics vendor to purchase cosmetics for clothing, dyes, ship figureheads and monster taming tokens. This may be outdated

Locations[edit | edit source]

Freeports can be found in these regions:

2 M2
4 E4
5 I5 L5
6 A6
7 G7 M7
8 D8 L8
9 J9 M9
10 A10
11 H11
12 E12 L12
14 C14

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Freeport Region M2
Desert Freeport