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Flotsam are loot boxes you can find floating in the ocean. They appear as rotting wooden crates covered with barnacles and seaweed, and have a glow around them indicating Item Rarity. They always contain some gold, at least one blueprint and food item, usually a song, and occasionally resources or other items.

Dictionary definition: flotsam noun
1 : floating wreckage of a ship or its cargo
broadly : floating debris

You can recover the items either by swimming up to them and pressing e to open it, sailing close to them and pressing e to open it from the deck of your ship, or using the Grappling Hook.png Grappling Hook to haul them into contact with the vessel. Running into boxes with your vessel will destroy them, so be mindful of how close you get to them.

Selecting the Sightseeing Unlock and subsequent upgrades, climbing into a Crow's Nest or gaining a Sextant.png Sextant buff will increase the range in which you can spot flotsam.

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General[edit | edit source]

Only spawns when at 100% Distance from island.