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This Site lists all known Controls of ATLAS

Pathfinder Controls[edit | edit source]

Action Default Key Notes
Move Forward w
Move Backward s
Strafe Left a
Strafe Right d
Run ⇧ Left Shift
Jump spacebar
Crouch c
Prone x
Toogle Sprint ⇧ Right Shift
Hold To Walk Left Ctrl
Turn Right
Turn Left
Look Up
Look Down
Toggle Selfie Camera Right Ctrl
Toggle Orbit Camera k
Zoom Camera In Unassigned
Zoom Camera Out Unassigned
Toggle Fists q
Fire / Attack Left Controls
Iron Sights / Alt Fire / Attack Right Controls
Block Hold:Left Ctrl Hold and use left/right mouse
Reload r Also toggles combat mode
Melee Special Attack / Pistol Whip Controls
Fire Secondary Controls
Fire Tertiary Controls↑ scroll up
Fire Quaternary Controls↓ scroll down
Toggle Weapon Attachment n
Items and Inventory
Use e
Your Inventory i
Access Target Inventory f
Your Craftables Unassigned
Company Manager l
Upgrade Item u
Drop Item o
Detailed Info Toggle q
Craft Slot Item (Modifier) Right Alt
Use Slot Item 1 1
Use Slot Item 2 2
Use Slot Item 3 3
Use Slot Item 4 4
Use Slot Item 5 5
Use Slot Item 6 6
Use Slot Item 7 7
Use Slot Item 8 8
Use Slot Item 9 9
Use Slot Item 10 0
Toggle Chatbox Autohide \
Local Chat insert
Company Chat /
Push To Talk b
Hold to Yell delete
Hold to Whisper p
Whistle Selection '
Whistle "All Move To" ,
Whistle "All Aggressive" - (Subtract)
Whistle "All Follow Me" j
Whistle "All Stay Put" u
Whistle "You Follow Me" t
Whistle "You Stay Put" y
Whistle "Attack My Target"
Whistle "All Neutral" - (Hyphen)
Whistle "All Passive" ';' (Semi-Colon)
Whistle "Attack This Target" .
Show Feats g
Use Feat 1 f1
Use Feat 2 f2
Use Feat 3 f3
Use Feat 4 f4
Use Feat 5 f5
Use Feat 6 f6
Use Feat 7 f7
Use Feat 8 f8
Use Feat 9 f9
Use Feat 10 f10
Defecate + While Mounted on Tame
Drag Body v
Map m
Zoom in Map +
Zoom out Map -
Place Map Marker Unassigned
Toggle Console ~
Toggle HUD ← Backspace
Extended HUD Info h
Emote Key 1 [
Emote Key 2 ]
Cycle Target Follow Distance NumPad 0
Order Add / Remove Tame z
Set Gamma 1 Unassigned Requires server permission + specified value
Set Gamma 2 Unassigned Requires server permission + specified value

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

The Controls listed here are for controlling a ship.

Action Default Key Notes
Captain Order Stand Down c Crew Cease fire, crew will not fire
Captain Order Free Fire v Crew fires at will at any target
Captain Order Attack Target Controls Crew only fires at selected target
Captain Order Attack Location Controls Manual aim and fire
Captain Order Red Alert Hold:n Turns Crew aggressive, leave stations, 60s cooldown
Captain Order Cancel Red Alert Hold:⇧ Right Shift crew returns to stations
Cycle Cannon Ammo Type u
Cycle Swivel Gun Ammo Type j
Toggle All Gunports r Requires port cannon manned by crew
Forward w Maneuvering Only
Reverse s Maneuvering Only
Steer to Port a
Steer to Starboard d
Sails Full Stop z Requires sails manned by crew
Sails Full Speed spacebar Requires sails manned by crew
Rotate Sails Left leftshift+a Requires sails manned by crew
Rotate Sails Right leftshift+d Requires sails manned by crew
Captain Raise Sails w Requires sails manned by crew
Captain Lower Sails s Requires sails manned by crew
Toggle All Ladders l
Lanterns On/Off o
Drop Anchor x
Overboard Ladders t While overboard, lowers ladders if up
Submarine Left Claw Controls
Submarine Right Claw Controls
Submarine Fire Harpoon Controls
Submarine Toggle Light spacebar
Submarine Raise d
Submarine Lower a