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The Carbine is a rifle and is therefore more accurate and has a longer range than the blunderbuss, though it has lower maximum damage.

Type Gun
Ammo used Minni Ball
Ranged damage 136
Magazine size 1
Weight 10.5
Durability 70
Added in v1.0
Spawn Command
cheat GFI sniperrifle 1 0 0
Skill Tree Firearms Unlock
Crafted in Smithy.png Smithy
Resources breakdown
65 × Alloy.png Alloy
3 × Flint.png Flint
32 × Skin.png Hide
20 × Oil.png Oil
85 × Wood.png Wood

Carbine is used as a medium to long range weapon and uses Minni Ball.png Minni Ball as Ammo.

Comparison[edit | edit source]

A comparison between all holdable guns
Flintlock.png Flintlock Hydra Revolver.png Hydra Revolver Blunderbuss.png Blunderbuss Carbine.png Carbine
Headshot DMG 271 70 390
Damage 108 35 136
Magazine size 1 6 1 1
Durabillity 40 48 60 70
Weight 1.8 1.8 8.4 10.5
Ammo Simple Bullet.png Simple Bullet Simple Bullet.png Simple Bullet Simple Shot.png Simple Shot Minni Ball.png Minni Ball
Uses Backslot No No Yes Yes

V10[edit | edit source]

The Carbine has had its base damage reduced by about 30% from 196 to 136. This also drops the headshot damage from 490 to 340