Captain of Renown

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Captain of Renown
Skill Captain of Renown.png
Gives access to crafting the new Manned Cannon and Puckle turrets
Precondition Artillery Unlock
Cost ?? Skill Points

Description[edit | edit source]

As a master of both crew and artillery, your exploits as a pirate are known far and wide. Recruits seek you out allowing you to craft artillery that comes manned for an extra bit of coin.

  • Manned Cannon, Manned Large Cannon, and Manned Puckle
  • These recipes cost the same resources as their unmanned variants plus an additional 10 gold coins
  • Crew will spawn at them after 30 seconds and man the station

The Skill Captain of Renown unlocks the following items[edit | edit source]

Additionally, it unlocks the following skills[edit | edit source]