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Released - January 4, 2019

  • Default resource and taming speeds have been increased to 2x as the baseline.
  • Reduced min damage and min percentage on Flame Arrow.png Flame Arrow buff by 33%.
  • Reduced max damage done on Flame Arrow.png Flame Arrow projectile hit to 50.
  • Increased gravity on Flame Arrow.png Flame Arrow 20% to make it less ranged.
  • Increased firegel cost of Flame Arrow.png Flame Arrow by 100%.
  • Added durability consumption to Flame Arrow.png Flame Arrow and Stone Arrow.png Arrow (1 dura per shot, 40 shots per Bow.png Bow repair).
  • Change Bow.png Bow durability from 50 to 40.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Mortar.png Mortar to have rapid fire.
  • Fixed an issue where upkeep timer on PVE Claimflags was not correctly updating.
  • Company Member, Company Groups, and Alliance data loss issue should hopefully be resolved.
  • Official Network Companies are now hard limited to 500 members, and this is a current measure until the Company system receives a backend overhaul in the long-term.
  • Fixed inland water Buoy.png Buoy's being invisible and fixed Buoy.png Buoys, so they no longer prevent resource respawn.
  • Prevent ship collision damage from occurring when caused by other player ships on PVE servers.
  • Fixed sunken-ship area indicator lingering even after a shipwreck has been entirely salvaged.
  • Reduced deepwater aggressive creature frequency and targeting range.
  • Melee weapons are now temporarily ineffective against ship planks. Later this will be changed so that it will only be ineffective against anchored ship planks.
  • Sailing against the wind now provides 30% of with-the-wind sailforce, as opposed to 0%.
  • Also increased the amount of sailforce provided by minimum windspeed conditions by 30%, and the sailforce provided by maximum windspeed conditions by 15%.
  • Every Tame can now get a minimum of 30 tame level-ups put into it, plus however many base levels it had when wild. So for example, a level 5 wild wolf would get 35 tame level-ups to apply, whereas a level 40 wild wolf would get 70 tame level-ups to use.
  • Increased the base carry Weight of all ships by +40%