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Released - January 25, 2019

Server Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Player Movement Optimisation for an approximate 15-20% performance gain on servers
  • Server Launch Option which locks the Fountain of Youth to one Golden Age Ruins server: -AlwaysActiveFountainsOfYouth

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]


  • Stone Structures crafting costs have decreased by reducing the metal cost by 55% and reducing the organic paste requirement by 25%


  • Steering Wheels are now considered 'stone' when it comes to their defence type, so they cannot be hurt by fire and take less explosive damage


  • Dragon now has 65% less HP when Tamed
  • Dragon now takes 40% more bullet and explosive damage when tamed
  • Dragon now recovers stamina 25% more slowly when flying
  • Dragon can no longer be healed by Nature's Touch
  • Dragon tamed timer reduce from 8 hours to 6 hours
  • Dragon Fire Damage reduced by 50%
  • Dragon Token cost increased to 40,000 gold coins